Duke Olsten's Spellbook

The personal collection of arcane knowledge for Duke Olsten, deceased Derakhul noble, is a musty codex bound in aged leather that to this day gives off a very slight odor of putrescence. It was obtained by a group of adventurers after the Duke sacrificed himself, allowing the derakhul arbiter and the captain of the guard to be directly confronted. The following spells are contained within.

False Life (Necromancy)
Burning Hands (Evocation)
Unseen Servant (Conjuration)
Disguise Self (Illusion)
Feather Fall (Transmutation)
Cause Fear (Necromancy)
Earth Tremor (Evocation)

Ray of Enfeeblement (Necromancy)
Blindness/Deafness (Necromancy)
Maximilian’s Earthen Grasp (Transmutation)
Levitate (Transmutation)

Bestow Curse (Necromancy)
Animate Dead (Necromancy)
Sending (Evocation)


Blight (Necromancy)
Greater Invisibility (Illusion)

Duke Olsten's Spellbook

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