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  • Willowbite

    Willowbite is a large green dragon, possibly the size of an adult dragon. He has been growing rapidly, going from a juvenile to pubescent size in a matter of months. The common theory is that such alarming growth is the result of bullweed being a regular …

  • Krysalix

    Krysalix is a dead white dragon, killed by the frost giant Holstvadt Rinebeard. It is the grandchild of Glackendril, presumably another white dragon of even greater strength. Krysalix had managed to amass a small following of kobolds which, upon his death …

  • Glackendrol

    Glackendrol is a white [[Dragons | dragon]]. It is currently unknown if Glackendrol is living, and there is no information on its current location. As the grandsire of [[Krysalix | Krysalix]], Glackendrol is presumed to be an elder wyrm of immense power.

  • Sorthen

    Sorthen the Black, scourge of lands, fortbreaker, is a young black dragon that most likely inhabits a fog covered marsh in the grey hills. Sorthen was convinced by a [[The Second Obelisk | a group of adventurers]] to destroy a derakul fortification that …