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  • Discovery

    Displacers Danger Down...but where do the tunnels go? Darkness Decent Dwarves...but where are they now? Drochtredia Death Druids...but where do their powers lie?

  • In Search of the Master of the House

    *Log For the Sailing Vessel Skithblathnir Captain Stor Lingo in Command* *Date: 18th of the month Pharast* Departed Mariner's Landing morning with 10 crew and 4 passengers. Cargo of Crossbow Bolts, Fabric, and construction materials. …

  • Commodore Stor Lingo

    I was born into a family of violence and my father did not like my musical tastes. Beatings were routine and by the age of 14 I headed out on my own. I first traveled with a kind Gnome merchant who taught me how to play music and some simple tricks. …

  • Alistra Adiiranc

    Alistra provided unique talents for Stor Lingo at the great Sword Spectacular. With the death of the Captain , she is forced to turn to exploring to make a living. Of Elven lineage, her presence is one of grace and beauty while in uniform or formerly …

  • Catie

    When splitting Stors estate Catie Recieved 148 gp 30 sp and 4 CP , 2 healing potions, a crossbow , 20 bolts, and all of Stors costumes. She also took the shell game and notes from the Ghoul Empire. She never told Alistra why she wanted those.