Alistra Adiiranc

Assistant in Stor's Sword Spectacular


Alistra provides unique talents for Stor Lingo at the great Sword Spectacular. Of Elven lineage, her presence is one of grace and beauty while on stage. As a sparring partner, her aptitude and flair with shortsword, scimitar, and dagger mesmerize the audience. With ease she dances around and between Stor’s duel blade flourishes parrying his blows. An accomplished tumbler, Alistra leaps, rolls, cartwheels, and walks on her hands seemingly without effort. As the show progresses to the climatic finale, Alistra dodges blows from flaming pirate cutlasses without a hint of scorching.

Stor’s Sword Spectacular appears every other Saturnia at dusk on the Crestwatch*.

Donations greatly appreciated.

*Subject to cancellation due to weather, adventuring demands, or blight attack.

Management/Owner of Stor’s Sword Spectacular is not responsible for injuries or deaths to patrons, bystanders, lurkers, or invisible creatures.


Alistra Adiiranc

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