Exile on Drochtrèdia

The Legend of the Forest Temple

Swept up by the rush of stepping foot in mariner’s landing Aiden was quickly talked into a journey to a forest temple by Captain Stor Lingo and the next day he met up with the motley crew of Peren, Mac Woodfleet, Stor Lingo, and Tahli Karan. After making a quick stop for last minute provisions we set out for Farmer Ed’s and then the forest. Travel from Mariner’s Landing to Ed’s was mostly uneventful save for a curious bear that we stumbled across. Thankfully it was our fortune to discover that the bears in this land are quite fond of honey and we continued to Ed’s peacefully.

Upon Arrival to Ed’s we discovered he was not there. We Investigated the mill near Ed’s place because of some strange occurrences and discovered a mischievous fairy Dragon named Tinker, he seems to be mostly harmless and loves chicken. We then carried on our mission and traveled into the woods.

Our first day of travel through the forest went peacefully but the next we discovered a small blighted goblin, which after some good trash talk from mac, we swiftly defeated without much injury. Some time later we arrived at what we believed to be this temple that we had been told about. The area just outside had 4 small houses each of which the contents were either ransacked or spoiled aside from some curious documents written in druidic.

The temple itself appeared to be more like a cave in the side of a bluff and its entrance was covered in vines. Peren stepped forward and touched the vines with his sword of vengeance and as he did the vines opened and we were in. The next day we explored this temple all the while dodging traps and countermeasures we initially thought were designed to keep things out but as we delved deeper into this meticulously designed structure we found what appeared to be a druidic research facility and in its deepest darkest chamber we found a former Druid of this group completely consumed by blight.

Upon defeating the Blighted creature we stumbled upon a journal detailing that the facility was used by the druids to study the blight but one of their members, Ta’lor Tranth, had tried to weaponize the blight and in doing so eventually fell to it. He had been sealed away to keep it from spreading but it found a way out and began to overrun the druids. See no other solution the leader of the druids, Jakam Harly, sealed the facility and activated all of the containment countermeasures in hopes it would not spread and his former friend could not harm anyone else. We also discovered a sealed vault that contained sticks covered with runes and a Gauntlet on a pedestal. The party gathered the items and after deducing that we had searched everywhere we decided to gather what remained of the blighted druid and present him to Na’lor in Mariner’s Landing for research purposes. As we left Aiden re-enabled all of the traps and Tahli closed the vines at the entrance with the magic staff. so it should be noted that its a bad idea to re-enter without someone handy in that field.

Our journey home was fairly uneventful and upon arrival in Mariner’s landing we headed straight for the Advocates of the land after convincing the guard to let us present the corpse to Na’lor.


Something I like to put at the end of these is the remaining adventure hooks that we learned about in this session. I think that’ll be the most important information for those who weren’t on the quest.

Adventure hooks:
-Outside the temple we found a body of a man with the Makovica crest on its armor and an empty journal we suspect may have a secret message.

-Na’lors study of the body and research will probably help us fight the blight, especially working with Flate.

-The Green Faith were researching ways to fight the blight centuries ago, and probably didn’t create it as we previously thought.

The Legend of the Forest Temple

Also quotes I just couldn’t leave out.

“Please turn off the volcano, we just want to talk”

“What doesnt kill you makes you charred.”

“First rule of doors, try to open them.”

The Legend of the Forest Temple
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