Exile on Drochtrèdia

Gil invited me along on a voyage to the grey hills along with Gerald Poh, Dracon, and Brennus Artaius. Gil bought us passage across the sea with Captain Von Blitz so we could investigate and return a magical bowl he and Dracon found in a previous expedition. The journey took a week, and we arranged to meet back with the ship in a weeks time.

The fog was so thick in this new land I could barely see a few yards ahead. But when we reached the beach, Gerald and Brennus secured the boat and we made our way to the lighthouse which would stand as our rendezvous location. We had to climb our way inside the lighthouse (which still housed the magical bowl) and discovered a frightened human man named Dale had boarded up the entrance. He informed us that there was an attack on a northern lighthouse by some shark people that came from the sea. These shark people were at war with the duchies run by ghouls. Dale was a surf under Ghoul Duke Nirand. Some of the group members said the attack sounded like the Sohaugin, but I wasn’t sure what they were talking about.

We set north for second lighthouse, and arrived after 2 days walk. I don’t know how people stand the deafening fog. We also met a cow farmer who did not like us at all along the way. He seemed like a nice gentleman.

We encountered a squadron of humans a ghouls at the northern lighthouse. We sneaked past the first guards but were discovered behind the lighthouse and a fight broke out. Nearly instantly Brennus was struck hard and fell to the ground. We kept fighting and got Brennus a health potion amongst the struggle before it was too late. We killed most of the soldiers before a few more reinforcements came, and then fled inside the lighthouse. We pursued and Brennus and Gerald broke the doors open, and we finished the fight inside, killing all the guards.

This new lighthouse also had a bowl and the group agreed we should take it with us. It was heavy and bolted firmly. Brennus and Gerald freed it by beating the stone floor apart with a hammer. We also saw a rotten beached whale on the shore. Gil set a spell to float the bowl on a disk behind us and we returned to the southern lighthouse.

A strange thing happened on our return. The fog cleared and up on a hill was a giant blackened statue of what appeared to be a dragon’s claw. I wonder what it was.

Back at the southern lighthouse we discovered Dale had left with our longboat, so Gil sent his owl Salem with a message to Captain Von Blitz. We set to free the second bowl when we were greeted unexpectedly by a small band of Sohaugin. There was a human there willing to speak with us and we informed him of our fight with the ghouls. They were thankful of our service and agreed to let us on our way. As they were leaving 4 ghouls dressed as royalty appeared and fought with the shark people for a bit. When we joined the fight they fled and we couldn’t catch them in time. We believe the lead Ghoul was Duke Nirand.

Finally, we returned to the ship with two magically bowls in tow. I can’t wait to see what magic the bowls have to offer.

-Tahli Karan


(Just so you know, Tali, the statue looked like a dragon, not just a claw. It was perched on a pedestal with it’s mouth open toward the sky)

Light in the Fog
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