Exile on Drochtrèdia

Building Infrastructure (Securing a Road)

After the work caravan reaches Blainsport, Brennus retires to his small home in the town, still very run down and empty, manages to get a small fire lit in the dusty fireplace, and takes some time to reflect on the past few weeks while he warms up.

He had gathered a group to serve as security and help for the guild laborers that wanted to build at least some kind of road to connect Blainsport and Mariner’s Landing. It had been him, Aiden, Merpip, Kaumuali’i, and Peren. The trip was scheduled to last sixteen days, and there were 21 members of the group outside of them.
Wasn’t the most exciting job, but someone’s got to do it. We need to actually be building this place up, while everyone is out wandering around finding all these fancy places and things. Eventually, we’re gonna catch the wrong kind of attention, and if we don’t start bulking this settlement up, we’re not gonna be able to stop it.

The first several days of the trip went smoothly. The only interruptions were some mostly harmless pranks by some halflings and the appearance of a Goblin warg rider. Peren took it out with a well-placed arrow, but it confirmed Peren’s information of the land being inhabited by Goblin tribes. Aiden encouraged some of the Halfling antics, while Brennus strongly discouraged them.
That was the first warning sign. Where there’s one Goblin, there’s bound to be dozens more. Wargs are nothing to take lightly either. But there was nothing to do but keep moving.

The first major problem came when the expedition had to move through some woods. Inside, the group was ambushed by two Carrion Crawlers. They were killed, but after keeping two members immobilized for most of the fight, it was too close for comfort.
Never run into those things before. I managed to get a few good hits in, but… well, if I’m honest, that poison kicked my ass. Probably would’ve been dragged off if not for the others. Gods, being frozen up is awful.. at least let me go down fighting.

After that, the rest of the expedition continued on, moving into more swampy terrain. It was here in the last leg of the journey that the Goblins finally attacked the caravan. The caravan was blocked in by quicksand in front, with the enemy at the flanks and rear. The group leapt to the defense, and a hectic and chaotic melee ensued. Some wagoners panicked, causing a collision. Some of the expedition were injured, but only one was killed in the fight. Eventually, the bloodied group took down the Goblins and Bugbears and the expedition managed to get out of the swamp. No further attacks happened, and the road was successfully finished after about seventeen days.
All in all, things went better than I figured. Lost a wagoner, but expected more death than that once the Goblins showed up. Group held up well in that fight. The road isn’t safe yet.. there’s gotta be hundreds of goblins out on that route, even if we didn’t see em. But it’s built, and that’s progress.

As for payment, originally the guild had said 1sp per mile, for 100 miles, which is 10 gold. I never tried to argue with that (got really busy), though maybe a more charismatic person could get more out of it.

I don’t think I missed anything major. I don’t remember any new quest hooks or anything along the way.

The only other interest thing I can think of is that we saw a symbol for one of the Goblin tribes, so I assume there’s more tribes around and they’re probably all fighting among each other.


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