Exile on Drochtrèdia

A Return Voyage, a Village Retaken

While keeping watch in Paddywack and helping with the Palisade and reconstruction efforts, Brennus has time to contemplate on the last few days. Not something he does very often, but then, he tries to keep himself busy just for that reason.

Brennus, Stor, Mac, Merpip, and Naivara set out from Mariner’s Landing with intent to return to Paddywack, the village inhabited by these strange “Bullywug” frog creatures. They wanted to try and use baubles and gold to convince this… King Glackbrack to move his people out.
Figured it would be good chance to get out of the town, and maybe a good chance to get a little battle in, find some loot. Turns out my hunch was right.

They sailed around the peninsula, and decided to try and sneak past the village up the river a ways and double back down on foot. Mac thought maybe causing a haunt on the village would make the Bullywugs more willing to relocate. Unfortunately, the boat got stuck in the silt and mud of the delta, and the group was attacked by a number of strange Impish creatures made of mud.
Never seen anything like those things. Not very strong on their own, but wouldn’t want to get swarmed in the mire. This is a strange place, and I don’t think it’ll get any less strange from here out…

Having defeated the attack and having made their way up the river, the group was spotted by a few fishing bullywugs. With that, they made their way to the village, with Merpip and Naivara trailing stealthily behind. They met with King Glackbrack, and Mac and Stor did indeed use the trinkets and small chest of gold to convince him to move his people out (with a little magical suggestion from Mac). On the way out, another Bullywug challenged the king for his position. The group decided to side with Glackbrack, and the rebels were dispatched without much issue. With that, the Bullywugs made their way out of the village, leaving it empty and open.
Lots of people here using magic. Well, that’s not my area, and they can have their spells. Still, that loud crash of thunder on my spear was good. And I like a good song.

The group investigated the mansion in the village again (this was Brennus’s first time seeing it). Some of the group spent some time talking to the Fey doorkeeper of the house, gaining some interesting information about the house’s former master (name??) and a “River King” archfey. Seemingly the only way to get the fey to let them into the house was to either bring back their master, or what was left of him.
And now there’s fey too. I remember tales from my homeland. Most of the ones in those harsh hills were far less kind than these guys. Those stories rarely ended well.

Some of the group returned to Mariner’s Landing to inform the Guilds and leaders that there was now an empty settlement to be rebuilt and repopulated. Some stayed in Paddywack to keep watch, but nothing of note happened. They returned with guild members, and have set about helping with some rebuilding of the town. Now, the party must decided how to split the town and how to trade or sell it to Mariner’s Landing for settlement.
Can’t say I expected to end up with part of a town on my first trip. Not bad. Even found some houses that might still be livable without much work. Don’t know what it’s all worth, but those bards seemed good with money and talking. I’ll take my part of town and let them help with the deal. Just gotta keep it simple. Stick to what you’re good at, and don’t get attached. There’s still a long way to go.

Some potential plot hooks (let me know if I missed anything):
- A giant (two-story) Conch shell on the Southmost fork of the peninsula. We avoided it, but it seemed to have a Fey feel, according to our ranger.
- The mansion in the village is still closed to us. The master (or his remains) have yet to be found. (I don’t remember what direction they said he originally left in).
- Mention of a mysterious “River King” fey being. Sounded very powerful and very dangerous.
- Well, we have a settlement now, so there’s a lot of open-ended possibility there through the rebuilding
- References to elven ruins and the Capitol of a previous civilization on the other side of the Phantom Peaks

Map of the village:


And King Glackbrack apparently can cast spells like firebolt and magic missile. THAT came out of nowhere. We probably haven’t seen the last of him, either.

A Return Voyage, a Village Retaken

P.s. One dock should be fully operational but the wood is old so tread lightly. Also, there may be a ghost in the church now. Apologies, Captain S.L.

A Return Voyage, a Village Retaken
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