Exile in Drochtredia is a West Marches style game for fifth edition D&D. It takes place on an unexplored continent where the players must venture into the wilderness and find their own adventure.

Please read our Players Manual, which can be found on the Rocket Role Play Facebook Page, or by following this link:

Exile in Drochtredia Player’s Manual

This will tell you all you need to know about our game. By creating a character and/or attending a session, you agree to the rules therein.

If you found this game through Obsidian Portal and would like to sign up, fill out the following form and you’ll be sent an invitation to the game.

Drochtredia Interest Form

You will need to create an Obsidian Portal account or log into an existing one when you accept the invitation.

Please follow our Facebook page, Rocket Roleplay , for more local RPG news and occasional memes.

The players have put together an unofficial discord server to plan adventures, discuss events, and get to know each other. The following invite to it should never expire: https://discord.gg/3y6pfwK