Where we play

In order to make this game community focused, and to avoid any “home field advantage”, we have contacted a lot of businesses in Huntsville that would be happy to have us play sessions there. I’ll list some of them here, but please spread the word and help us find other places friendly to books and dice. Please give your patronage to any of the businesses we frequent and don’t make a mess of their facilities.

The Deep

Sugarbelle Cupcakes – Call ahead

Piper and Leaf at Strong Station – Closed on Sundays

Asylum Comics – Future location; once they get their new building

Huntsville Public Library – Meeting Rooms; Reserve Online

Lucky Dice Cafe – Check their availability on Facebook and/or call ahead.

If you know of any other places likely to host us, ask them! Just let a GM know what they say.

Additionally, if anybody is interested in hosting sessions at their homes, you are welcome to do so. Just make a post in this thread providing us with your name, address, and any special requests for your space. We ask that you provide a reasonably clean, distraction-free environment to the best of your ability if you choose to host.an adventure. We also ask players to respect a party-member’s home as you would your own (or a public venue, whichever you respect more :P). If you host a session or two and decide you don’t like it, you may opt out of hosting further games – just remove your address post from this thread. Thanks everyone.

Players who’ve welcomed us to their venues:


Gibson House – We’re happy to host games we’re playing in; we’ve got a couple kids who’ll be in and out (so keep swearing to a minimum), but our kitchen table’s seen many a game and we’ve got quite the library of flipmats.

One Forty Oldwood Road in Huntsville with a zip of three five eight one one.


Drake House – It is kind of out of the way but is available as well. Give me a call to set up a time 256-527-4246

206 Round Top Drive, Harvest, AL 35749

Jacob and Tryston’s house

One-Zero-Five Ferstwood Drive
Madison, Alabama

Where we play

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