When we play

The West Marches format is player driven. This means that there is no regularly scheduled play time. Instead, the players should talk among themselves to determine what they wish to do in the world, based on what they know and what they are hoping to achieve.

Once a party has decided what to do, one player in that party must make a post on the Adventure Planning subforum, using the following template as a guide.

Characters in Party (3-5):
Character Name (Player Name); Character Name (Player Name); etc…

Proposed Dates:
Date 1 (Weekday dd/mm)
Date 2 (Weekday dd/mm)

(Use cardinal directions, landmarks, and whatever other descriptors make sense to you)

(What are you hoping to find or accomplish there?)

(How did you learn about this. Who told you, were they an NPC or another PC? Did you learn it from a clue you found?)

(Who is writing the Adventure Log post for your party? This can be decided after the adventure is over.)

When we play

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