What is a West Marches style game

A west marches style game is based on the orginal "The West Marches", a campaign created by Ben Robbins of California.

The defining features of the game are thus:

  • More players than would fit in a single party. They are all on a forum like this one where they can compare notes from their separate adventures.
  • No weekly meeting time – instead, the players form their own parties and choose when to play and what to do.
  • Emphasis on exploration – the landscape is largely unknown and the players have to learn what's out there as they go.
  • Fits the complex lives of adults – you only play as much as you want to. The game doesn't halt if you specifically can't make it to a session. This means that life and 'adulting' don't get in the way and kill the game as they have so many.

The Rocket Roleplay team decided to do this thing after watching Matt Colville's explanation here. He has a charisma of like 17 so give him a watch.


Fun fact – the RRP team also took his suggestion of using Microscope and Kingdom to create the game world. They are both amazing games and I would recommend giving them a play.

What is a West Marches style game

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