Stories and Lore

The Empire

The current emperor is The Great Kranthillion II. His father founded the empire and he has continued to expand it.

The capital is Entras Verda, a high Elven city that fell long ago in a demon war and was reclaimed by Kranthillion I.


The Lonely Tower
From the Collected Tales of Magic and Mystery by Agatha Frump
(stolen from the Royal University Library by Professor Erasmys Fiddget)

Professor Fiddget’s notes on the religious tome found in an abandoned church in North Bay Bridge.

Book of Hours
Descriptions of the prayers and illuminations for followers of Realtra. Book found in North Bay Bridge.

The Journal of Marius Regault
Journal found on the body of a dead man in the Creeping Wood


Mac and Gil went up the hill

The Horny Deer

The Hullabaloo

The Beer Run Beasts

Mr Clappy

The Ballad of Billy Hill


The Eyes in the Woods are Watching

The Hullaballoo

I See Ghouls

The King of Sunken Pools

Bear Bear


Aint No Rest For A Dwarf




Stories and Lore

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