Mariners Landing

Mariner's Landing is the central hub of this game. It is a harbor colony where you all live and work in between you adventures into Drochtredia. The town is the Empire's furthest outpost, and as such, is under military governance that ensures it's security and stability. What this means for you is that there is no adventure to be had in this town. No theft, no monsters, no treasure, no assassinations, no anything but what the governor says. This is part of the structure of the game, because if somebody has multiple characters, who's to say what happens to them if something goes weird in the colony? Also, it means that you actually have to get out and explore Drochtredia if you want to have an adventure.

Thematically, the town is built by a gulf where fish and whales are in plenty. In fact, whale oil is one of the primary commodities in the town because it doubles over as a flammable substance that the guard used to drive back a blight. This blight took the form of magically enhanced creatures – covered in vines and other strange growths – that came out of the woods and tried to drive the colony back into the sea. The garrison beat the threat into submission, but these creatures are still seen from time to time drifting around the outer edges of the colony.

Here are some notworthy locations within Mariner's Landing

Driftwood Tavern, The Crestwatch, Captains Hold, Sky Street, Western Gate, Kings Beacon, Grudge Pit, Hextown

The town is also the home of the Guilds to which your character may belong.

Mariners Landing

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