Drochtredia is the name given this land by Na’lor, the Elven Druid who helped establish the colony. It was written on a stone that now stands near the western gate of Mariners Landing. It was part of a poem that was gradually deciphered.

"Mouth of the sea, foot of the mount.
 follow the pulse, don't drink from the fount
 Drochtredia bled it's wealth in the ground
 but who shall remember when our graves are found?"

Na'lor thinks it's best people don't dwell on what it all might mean, but people do it anyway.


One can learn much from sailing in the gulf and along the coasts that stretch to the north and south, but inland travel has been less common. Here are the regions we know about so far, but please, share what you learn. We know so little about this land at the ends of the earth.

Godsmouth Gulf

The Mountains to the West

The Grey Hills to the North

The Creeping Forest

Phantom Peak


There are a plants, animals, and monsters in this land that have not been seen by Imperial eyes before. How many more will you find as you travel the land? Here are some notable ones so far, but there is much to discover.


Giant Rams

Blighted Creatures





People and Lifestyle

The Imperial settlers are not the only people on Drochtredia. As you explore the land,
you will inevitably discover other cultures and native inhabitants


Imperials are a diverse lot, since they come from an enormous empire that spans and encompasses many cultures. They adhere to Bolmanian Calendar, which contains 12 months. These months will be used to track time during the game, and will roughly correspond to months in real time. Consider the number of days an adventure takes, as there are only so many days in a month.



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