Exile on Drochtrèdia

Interogation of a Half Drow

To the citizens of Mariner’s Landing and New Blainsport,

We must share what happened today. I don’t want to alarm anybody, but I worry there may be a serious threat looming in the heart of Drochtredia. Let me start at the beginning.

Immeril, Mac, Erevan, Alistra, and myself all wanted to ask a half drow named Faven some questions. Faven had been arrested under many charges a couple months back. He had gone mad, claiming he had been shown a cataclysmic event that would be the death of Droctredia, and decided to have some fun, creating horrendous flesh golems which murdered at least four people, and several animals. We were curious about who this man was, and we wanted to learn more about this vision of his.

During the peak of the day we made our way to the New Blainsport jails, and were surprised to see Captain Quinston in Faven’s cell with the guard Rodrick. He was confused as to why we were there, but Alistra informed him she would ensure an orderly interrogation, and he gave us permission to speak with the half drow. He told Alistra that he felt the man had gone quite mad, and that we weren’t to believe everything he told us.

With this warning, we approached the dark skinned man, who was sitting at the back of his cell, looking resigned and calm. Alistra began by reading the man the charges he has been accused of, and informing him that his sentence could perhaps be shortened with his cooperation. I won’t bore you with the details, but we found Faven to be a man resigned to his fate, whose soul had been corrupted by some evil that was beyond his comprehension. He claims he was exiled here from the empire for a crime he didn’t commit, with no trial or hearing. The police raided his house and stole him away without even giving him the knowledge of what crime he was accused of. Perhaps racism was a factor. While in Droctredia he wrote to his sister, Acordia often, but never was graced with a response. He claims to have sent dozens of letters, but perhaps they got lost in transit, or perhaps some higher power in the empire didn’t want his words to escape Drochtredia. Perhaps this was part of his punishment. Since then he has learned the true nature of this cruel world. He claims the empire is sending us all here as sacrifices to some greater power.

The most disturbing of his musings however, was about this vision he had. He said he had travelled to the desert and found himself at a welcome sight, a small temple which he entered to escape the maddening heat of the dry desert sun. In the temple he was shown a vision full of terror and doom. He claims he met a goddess who spoke to him. He said he went mad looking in the eyes of a true goddess. How insignificant you seem in the presence of something so powerful. He said this goddess wanted people to follow her. Perhaps she even offered shelter from this cataclysm? Her ambitions were unclear from his story, but she was not who, or what, he was afraid of. He was afraid of something much more menacing, a shadow that seemed to erupt from the mountains and engulf the continent. Faven said this vision had granted him the power of sight, and he was eager to show us if we would like. Despite being a madman, we all agreed he seemed genuine, and that he believed every word he was saying. Faven was not lying to us.

So, I reached out and took his hand so I could see this cataclysmic vision.

It was disorienting. My ears rang so loud I thought they would burst, I fell into a fog that took me thousands of miles away, and after a second that lasted longer than it seemed, I was in a desert, a wide expanse of a desert and the sky was plagued with terrifying storms and wicked winds. There was a small temple in front of me, that radiated a strange energy, that almost seemed to beckon me.

Just as I got my bearings, I was engulfed in fog again and travelled what seemed to be hundreds of thousands of miles, to somewhere no where near where I was before. I was surrounded by dead trees, on a coast with a cold and unwelcoming bay. I turned around and saw the mountains behind me, and from the mountains, towered a gargantuan shadow that raised up high into the sky. Sun bursts seemed to emit from the outline of the shadow and it was horror itself. Every ounce of me wanted to bolt, to run, to never see this horrid, terrible sight ever again, but I couldn’t move. It was worse than the nightmares that plagued me as a child after I was cursed with the lich’s dark magic.

And then the ringing returned, even louder than before, and I blacked out for a moment. When we came to, all of us were together, back inside that temple in the desert, with all of our items missing. We were in an endless hallway, surrounded by a thick fog. Before I even had the chance to say anything, I felt a huge slash that came from nowhere in the fog cut me across my chest. I staggered back, just to be caught by another deep cut. I stumbled to the ground and felt a final slash draw more blood than seemed possible from my back, and I fell unconscious. I don’t have any memory of the rest of our time in the temple, but the others said some force was using our blood to speak with us. It spelled out the words “HELP; UP; ME; WAKE” in the blood from our opened bodies. They said any sort of offensive attack was useless against the invisible force.

When I came too again, we were back in the jail cell. Alistra told us when all events were over, that she had seen a robed man with purple skin and tentacles for a face standing over her and disappear before the rest of us woke. The seen we were greeted with had Faven lying slain in his cell, and three ghastly looking creature that we later learned were Banshees cornering a nervous Rodrick and standing over our recovering bodies. Before we could even all stand, one of the Banshees let out a blood curdling shriek that was the worst sound I had ever heard in my entire life. I saw multiple of the party fall unconscious from the shear pain of the shriek itself. I was shook, but managed to maintain my composure. I tried to heal as many of the party as I could, and sent my two zombies who didn’t seem to mind the sound to attack. It quickly became apparent my specialty of magic was useless against these creatures, so I spent my time healing as much as I could. Mac fought valiantly and charged, in, getting in the face of the banshees that cornered Rodrick. Alistra struck hard with blades that seemed to cut the mind. Erevan’s sprite and wolf fled the scene to find help as he laid unconscious on the ground. Everything happened so fast. Rodrick and Mac were both knocked out, and Quinston ran in, shocked by the scene, and slashed out with a brilliant miss again and again, cursing up a storm about how the god damn desk work was making him soft.

The fight continued on, Immeril blessed his bat with dragon’s breath and shot fire out to burn the strange beasts. And suddenly, Faven rose up, an animation of what he once was, but with a fierce hatred in his eyes. His body was definitely not under the control of what was once Faven’s soul. “TRAITOR” he yelled at Erevan, and held out his hand to the startled drow. Erevan froze up in an unnatural state of paralysis, and endured hit after brutal hit by the animated Faven. I did my best to keep the party fighting. Alistra found herself cornered by a Banshee, and a now awake Mac did something that pulled the banshee towards her in a brave move, which cost her her consciousness yet again. The battle was long and drown out, but eventually we felled one, then two Banshees. Quinston and Rodrick found their grove, and Quinston showed his expertise as a true leader and commander of a pack. His sword glowed bright and he slashed through the final banshee and barked out orders to stand tall and fight strong!

Finally, only Faven was left, and we crowded the Revenant and fought until he was barely standing. Erevan dealt the final blow, stabbing Faven through the stomach. Faven’s eyes seemed to flicker, and cleared for a moment. His face relaxed, and wearily, he raised his hand to stroke Erevan’s face. “I wish it didn’t have to end like this….” he murmured, and fell, lifeless, to the ground.

We staggered back, and took in the events we just endured. Rodrick started talking hurriedly, saying he ran in after hearing a commotion and saw us felled on the floor. “Wake up! Help me!!” he had been yelling. Quinston looked furious. “What happened?!” he demanded, and Alistra pulled him aside to speak with him and debrief. While it was entirely unexpected, the interrogation was incredibly successful. We learned of a great potential threat, and have many questions to pursue answers to. I feel a great draw towards the northwest, in the direction of the desert. Perhaps I will travel there soon to see what we can learn of this danger. I know some of the party in Mariner’s Landing will be interested in our findings. Immeral talks about mind flayers and Ilithid. He claims these beasts can deal devastating mind attacks, which is likely what happened when we were in the foggy temple, getting slashed to pieces.

I am greatly disturbed by these events. I hope this information was useful, and I hope we can come together to learn about this looming threat.

Your friend,

Looking for Work
Found an obelisk

Submission to the Imperial Academy for Archeological Sciences

From: Finrick Finkleberry the Fifth, Archeologist


As you are aware I continue to explore for the lost ruins of the ancient Elves in the Imperial colony of Drochtredia. Recently, I traveled back into the countryside to locate additional evidence of the past civilization. Rounding out the expedition were our cook and spiritual guide, Azmund, two bodyguards, Khangar and Daedrick, and an entertainer and forager, Captain Ron (although why he is a Captain remains quite unclear). Supplies and instructions were obtained in our base camp city of Mariner’s Landing. A most beautiful Elf named Alistra provided us some insight as to where to look for additional roads into a “Ghoul” Empire. She went on and on about needing to identify all the access points into their Capital City and to be very careful if we encountered any fortifications. She said some great leader might reward us if we returned with helpful information. After making sure all had enough food for the journey, we departed into the wilds heading generally Northeast following the coast for a couple of days.

The first part of our trip lacked any finds of notable import. After a few days travel, after becoming disoriented with navigation, we stumbled upon the beginnings of an ancient road. We were able to determine it to be of ancient origin, many hundreds of years, but not whom the maker may be. The Dwarves in the party seemed quite determined to examine the stones but to no avail. Following this road we eventually intersected a very large body of salted water. At first we believed this to be a lake but the greatness of its expanse far exceeded the typical volume. Perhaps it is an inlet or part of an ocean.

Captain Ron continued to show some foraging abilities and Azmund proved to be a capable cook of fish and small game. Daedrick appeared to favor flavors closer to the living state of the animal. One night while standing guard we were rudely awakened by a call to arms by Azmund. Some fish people, known as Sahuagin, approached the camp in force. Unbeknownst to me, my bodyguards and Azmund informed everyone of an alliance between the Empire of Fish with the people of Mariner’s Landing. This seemed to resonate sympathetically with the Sahuagin warriors and they returned to the sea. They did provide some crude directions towards a bridge and the Ghoul Empire.

Once we had recovered from our lost sleep and eaten a bit more food, we traveled for days on end without anything to note. Perhaps 10 days departed until we stumbled upon a bridge of epic dimensions. Before we could do anything, Daedrick charged onto the structure determined to ignite a clash of steel. Waving his weapon fervently, he stood valiantly against an onslaught of nothing.

I believe it was Azmund who spotted the strange figure sitting in the middle of the bridge. A strange character dressed as if out of a story book. A high pointed hat with bedazzled robes, this figure gazed our direction. Quickly, I and Captain Ron hid completely out of sight while the others ventured forth. Before I knew what was happening, money exchanged hands and all of us, me included, vanished from the bridge and emerged near a giant obelisk. How that magic worked with me being so well hidden is beyond my knowledge of mages. To complicate matters further, each of us were transformed into the shape of wild beasts. I myself took the form of a formidable brown bear.

Azmund took to the sky as an eagle. Daedrick wiggled across the ground as a ball of snakes. Khangar found himself a wolf and the Captain was a walking tree. Our mental faculties greatly diminished the events following are hazy at best. It is more as if it were a dream from a different universe.

Somehow, Azmund knew we had to find a magical amulet and return it to the strange figure from the bridge. This amulet was easily spotted on the obelisk but fully protected by a magical force. A staircase allowed access to the lower level of the structure but a metal entity held the pass. Skeletons laid all around this metal beast. Daedrick chose to wiggle close to see what the entity would do and we all quickly realized that our animal forms would not provoke attack. A room filled with purple mushrooms provided little resistance to our animal horde and it was not until our tree fell into grey oozes that we felt the sting of severe wounds. One by one the oozes were sundered apart just as the mushrooms had fallen before. Each of us adjusted quickly to the use of bite, claw, or limb in inflicting injury to our foe. Next two insect grubs guarded the way and while they poisoned my bear form, they to, fell to our furry fury.

After finding a key to a secret doorway hidden near a skeleton locked in an ancient jail we uncovered a room filled with potions. Myself and Khangar being quite wounded downed three potions which helped us regain strength, but our snake Daedrick engulfed the entirety of a climbing potion with vile and cork into his gullet. Another room finally opened to the sky but it appeared to be a substantial climb. Azmund flew to a perch at the top and managed to tumble down a long chain which reached to the bottom. I raced to the chain and as soon as paw met metal, a slash wounded my side from a creature none could see. While I raced up the chain, the others fought these invisible monsters and somehow, guided by instructions from the Daedrick, hit and destroyed them. Once downed the creatures revealed their form to be skeletal with giant claws.
Finally, we found access to the amulet in the middle of a circle of stones. Daedrick or Azmund, I can’t recall went to retrieve the item, but upon touch, a giant snake grew from the ground. Daedrick hissed out for all to attack the stones, but this made little sense to our animal brains. The battle waged with many taking hits while others struck hard into the beast. Daedrick broke at least two of the stones while others concentrated on the snake. Captain Ron tried to cast a spell in tree form but it failed to take full effect. Finally, the entity crumbled and Daedrick promptly ate the amulet. I ripped the remaining stones from the earth and heaved them over the tower’s side. Once all removed the earth shook and the foggy air cleared until the sun once again lighted the pathway back to the bridge. Having recovered the item, depending on one’s definition of recover, we knew by our animal instinct to return towards the strange mage who sent us here.

A fiddler fiddled on the shore line as we approached. He then flaunted a flute. A drum drummed as we approached. Strange was the stranger but he kept to word and transformed us all back into our natural humanoid forms. A magical hand reached into Daedrick’s belly and pulled out the amulet without destroying flesh. Once he held it, he offered compensation with magic items. Each of us chose a tattoo in the form of our transformed state. I myself, now have a bear on my right arm. I am sure the ladies back in town will find it most becoming. Maybe the beautiful Elf will give me notice and invite me to a party with her on my side.

Azmund chose to summon nearby Sahuagin to inform them of the destruction of the obelisk. A few fish people did emerge and offered a small token of appreciation for the aid. We did not suffer any incidences on the way home. However, it appears Daedrick suffered a lingering effect from being a snake. His teeth continue to be tapered into point and his tongue cut in two.

That's a Lot of Magic (The Floating Island)

(Sorry this is so long overdue, I had honestly totally forgotten I was still on task to write it). And I’ve probably forgotten some of what happened so everyone else feel free to chime in and add in/correct me.

The party consisted of Aiden, Tahli, Caedalyn, Gil, and Brennus. The original purpose of the expedition was to epxlore what was west of the mountains, by taking the already discovered pass.

The group began by traveling to the quarry to recuperate and ensure that all was well there. Upon arrival, the group was confused and concerned to see it seemingly abandoned. It turned out, however, that all was well, and that those at the quarry were instead holding a surprise party for young Gil’s birthday. So the group rested at the quarry before continuing.
The journey to the quarry was pretty uneventful. Apparently, there is a custom in the Empire of surprising somebody for a birth celebration. I say surprising a warrior like that is a good way to get a spear in the gut. Was a good time though. Haven’t known too many Elves, but Gil’s a good kid. Really good with his spells, but sure could stand to put on a little muscle.

After resting at the quarry, the group took stock of their options and decided to instead travel to a mysterious floating building of some kind that had been spotted previously but never explored (or read about? I don’t remember the origin). The party headed out, and if I remember correctly, arrived there without too much trouble.
The structure itself was a truly awe-inspiring sight, a large Temple-like structure built on a large floating island over a lake, with a waterfall falling from the center of the island to the water below. The only thing that otherwise stood out in the scene were the remains of a camp and remnants of a large catapult. The best the party could determine was that a group of Ogres had attempted to launch themselves onto the floating island, with little success.

The first step was to get onto the island, but the water in the lake had somehow been either previously poisoned or magically contaminated. With the ever creative use of Gil’s water magic, the party managed to ride up the waterfall and into a sort of magical support/mechanical area of the complex, where the water was filtered, etc.
The party began exploring the grounds of whatever the place was. The outer grounds seemed to be divided into eight sections, like a wheel with spokes. Many strange magical phenomenon occurred. Creatures trapped in crystals (or mirrors?), a one way illusion maze, an overgrown garden, a frozen pond of ice, etc. The party came to the conclusion that each area of the outer grounds was dedicated to a different school of magic. The group then headed inside the actual large structure.
Don’t know what I signed up for on this trip, but it was NOT this. Nothing against magic itself, but this was just weird. I knew there was something off about this place.

The interior of the structure was much more methodical and “normal” than the grounds, all things considered. At first the group had thought it was a temple, but upon exploring the interior, it seemed to be more of an arcane university. However, there were also guards’ quarters and an armory. In these the group found some well-crafted magical weapons. There was also an extensive and impressive library, although the party did not have time to investigate it thoroughly, other than grabbing magical objects.
The party also found a cafeteria type hall that magically stocked food and drink, which was a nice touch. The next part did not go as smoothly. A small corridor led to a sealed door, guarded by two floating skulls. The party attempted to talk to them, but after some discussion the skulls scorched the hall with fireballs. The party eventually defeated them, and entered the sealed room.
This room appeared to be a conference room, and perhaps held the most valuable secret of all. A large stone (crystal?) globe with a map of the major leylines on Drochtredia on it. There was also a logbook containing entries of the types of magic that went through the leylines.
At least the inside of the building made a little more sense. Great hall with magic food and drink of choice? That I can get behind. And the spear I took is an excellent weapon. Been meaning to find something better since the dragon broke the one I brought with me.

The party moved into what must have been the main gathering hall/audience chamber of the place. There was a large seat on a dias with a corpse on it, but it seemed to only be some long dead remains. The party found a small room in the back and managed to open it. It was the safe room of what must have been the headmaster of the school, or something like that.
Through a log book, the party discovered that this was an ancient Elven place, and that disagreements had broken out over the use of magic. (Or was it that a secret faction had been practicing darker stuff that started the fight? Or was it an external enemy? I honestly can’t remember for sure). One rival faction had been expelled, but managed to magically poison the water supply of the school. This sickness caused healing to have the opposite effect, meaning that most of the Elves died off from it, as they could not be healed.
It turned out that undead did indeed haunt this place. Upon exiting, the party was attacked by a wraith, some more dangerous undead (Wights?), and other things. Ultimately, the party proved victorious, although it was a scary encounter, and a few adventurers came dangerously close to becoming undead wraith specters themselves.
Can see why this place sat untouched for so long. Kinda sad, really. Never seen anything like it, but now it’s just a monument of a dead kingdom. They’d have called me the barbarian, but in the end, look at what they did to each other.

After that, there were no significant encounters. (I think) the party decided to leave the large globe for a return trip, but took the logbook. The place could prove to be a valuable stronghold or outpost in the future, if it could be permanently cleared of undead corruption and any other contamination. For now, the party was very happy to have explored it and come out alive.

Also, since no one else claimed it, I think I’m still holding onto the +1 Longsword also. Or at least, I was during the Feywatch mission. I don’t really use swords so I’m totally fine with auctioning it or giving it to someone else, I just think we never decided and forgot about it.

A Return to Arms
The Siege of Feywatch

A Return to Arms
From the Journal of Azoth

The stars are quite beautiful here, far from the riff raff associated with the settlements. A story book of constellations that dance across the Autumn night sky. The Warrior surges forth with the fury of Bahamut at her back, together they charge towards the Medusa guarding the Chalice. The Dove flees from this conflict, knowing that peace against such a creature was impossible. The Great Bear grazes far to the east, as nature cares little for this conflict, or any conflict for that matter as it has far outlived the conflicts of even the elves, long in their lives. The only thing it cares for is preparing itself and its offspring the Twin Cubs for the coming winter.

In the distance I hear the river gently flowing and the wind rustling through the trees. As cold as this breeze may be, we are protected from the courtyard walls of Feywatch, newly liberated. Even with the protective walls one can smell the forest, with every deep breath my nostrils and lungs fill with an air free of sea salt and the urban sprawl of my apartment at the landing.

Even with this peace I cannot sleep. Within these walls are many dark relics that need to be purged. Within that forest a hag still lives, running for now but for how long? Between those stars, a horror that, in our desperation, I had allowed onto this world today. That is why I sit here, wide awake in this courtyard, writing by the light of the brick Warg had given in thanks for saving him from the machinations of Greeley and from Death itself. Aiden, Mac, Brennus and even Gil lay in a deep sleep in a clearing we made of the rubble. No one dared stay in the keep aside for Tahli until we had cleared it of the bizarre relics and fetishes that had been scattered about by the previous residents. I believe her to be asleep now too, as I can no longer hear the distant mutterings of her talking to the newest members of her undead cohort. She seems to keep a distance from our camp, I’m assuming because people feel uneasy around the undead. The only other one I know to be awake still is Merpip, who I see diligently patrolling the battlements above, ensuring we are not ambushed in the night. They had all fought valiantly today, to say that they deserved the rest would be an understatement.

We had left Driftwood Tavern several days before, each carrying part of Merpip’s astounding beeswax model of the keep, with what we had hoped would be a worthy plan. We would approach the castle from the east, following the river from New Blainsport. Aiden would use an oil that Merpip and I had discovered in Greeley’s chapel that allows one to walk between our realm and the ethereal plane to scout Feywatch unseen. His objective would be to find the secret underwater entrance in and perform any other possible reconnaissance. Knowing that information we would sneak in with Merpip’s guidance and fight our way up, with any luck catching our prey off guard. Our primary target was Jetsam, both due to her being perceived as the weakest link in the coven and due to our own animosity towards her. Plans fall apart easily though, when met with reality.

In the wee hours of dawn, we gathered outside of New Blainsport. Tahli was the last to arrive and she seemed tired. Almost as if she had little sleep as of late. Behind her marched an assortment of skeleton’s that none of us were familiar with, they appeared to be that of hobgoblins, long deceased. Knowing her eccentricities, we kept any questions to ourselves, instead using the time to hand over unused equipment to arm them. The empty sockets where their eyes once were stared at us, silently accepting the weapons. As I handed my dagger to one and my crossbow to another I could not help but feel cold, something I often find welcoming but this time setting me at unease. Mac also started handing off components to what I assume was the catapult she kept talking highly of after several drinks in Driftwood to the undead horde. A possible contingency that likely saved our lives.

The three days march was uneventful. Silent even. There was the occasional banter and brief conversation one breakfast over a possible new plan but that was quickly dismissed. Perhaps it was fear over the coming battle? Contemplation if there was something we had forgotten? Curiosity if we were ever to return to New Blainsport again? The silence was finally replaced when we reached the outskirts of Feywatch, still far too distant for us to see but its presence was made known. The forest itself trembled from the creatures that took residence there. From the branches, dolls made of grass and cloth hung. Bizarre totems placed by the coven that, while not magical, made their presence well known.

Seeing that this was likely our last opportunity we decided to have one last breakfast, courtesy of Aiden, from his tablecloth that had recently been repaired at the Lonely Tower. After a long march we were hungry for a substantial meal that was not our dry rations, and without a second thought we began to feast. It was foolish of us to not prepare in some form. Halfway through we heard the hellish shriek of one of those winged devils and before we could react it escaped. Our position was known and the feast became more hurried as we had hoped to finish before we were met with the repercussions of our oversights. Mac, Gil and I set out our winged companions to fan the forest, keeping an eye out for any patrols. My new companion Whateley saw what appeared to be 4 ogre’s coming our way, Psalme saw a similar retinue coming from another direction. Knowing that without intervention our feast would be interrupted for all before the magical benefit set in I donned the black mask and assumed the form of Granny Jetsam.

Stepping away from the table and into the forest with the undead retinue behind me I went to meet the patrol. But before I could lay eyes on any of them the forest filled with a thick smoke and the sound of charging footsteps. I warned the others and dove behind the wall of bone and metal as a troll and a 2 headed entity that looked somehow familiar to me charged outward. The feast was lost and we could only hope our lives weren’t lost with it.

Brennus surged forth and toppled the troll as it made its way for Tahli and myself, Aiden and Gil ran to the left to guard our flank while Mac and Merpip guarded the other. The skeleton’s dove in onto the grounded troll on Tahli’s command and brought down the might of death itself. Four more ogres charged forth from the left, not seeing Aiden as they passed him by but coming towards me. The one that reached me was scared off from my spellcasting, and ran right into Aiden who felled the beast. Through Gil’s deception the other three simpletons were distracted through a series of flashing colors and dancing lights that freed up Aiden to focus on the center. Four more charged the right as Aiden dove into the smoke cloud.

What happened next was cut short as the troll, the ettin, the skeletal horde, Brennus, Tahli and myself were consumed by a new smoke cloud. All around me I could hear the din of combat but I could not see my own hand in front of my face. The din was replaced with the howling roar of what sounded to be a thousand insects to the right and a scream of help from Aiden in front of us. Being scared for my friend’s safety I carefully backed out from the fog, knocking into several trees on the way. Tahli was already out here and to the right was indeed a swarm of insects, far larger than I had ever seen. To the left a box was where Gil once stood, I’m assuming another of his tricks and to the right Merpip shot his magic bow between the insect swarm and the fog cloud, flanked on either side by crossbow wielding skeletons. I quickly joined them and fired several eldritch blasts from my still hag form before backing away. An ogre, seeing movement ran forth at me but stopped short when he perceived what he thought was Granny Jetsam.

The fog cloud fell revealing Brennus and the skeletons still wailing upon the troll and trying to bring it down. One of skeletons unleashed cones of putrid acid from its maw which finally felled the beast. Brennus came running to my aid against the ogre but instead I feigned an attack against the gladiator and told the ogre to pursue a nonexistent group getting away. The ogre, having a brain nearly the size of a bulb of bullweed fell for the ruse and ran behind us. A sight that the skeletons did not seem to find amusing as they lodged two crossbow bolts into the back of its skull, vanquishing it.

As we turned the tide of battle and it seemed we were going to win this fight all the vegetation started to die around us. Tahli and Merpip’s skin turned blackened and Saila exploded into a cloud of feathers. From the cloud of insects Granny Jetsam appeared, marching towards us with intent in her eyes. Merpip released two arrows into her torso and she fell to her knees, but it was not a wicked cry that filled that air but instead the girlish scream of Aiden as his Disguise Self ended and he fell into the dirt. Tahli looked over at the unconscious form of Aiden but with a sigh I waved her off and force fed him one of my potions. He awoke with another girlish scream as he was met with my own visage of Jetsam.

Turning around I saw that we were met with two of those winged devils hiding in the trees, as the skeletons dispatched the distracted ogres one by one. Tricking them to come to my aid, the demons came down beside me where they were swiftly met with a fusillade of eldritch blasts and various projectiles. Turning back, we saw two ogres far off making their way back to the keep and the rest of the creatures felled.

Our presence was known, the element of surprise was gone. The forest quivered with a dark energy and the brazier at the keeps tallest tower was alit. Thinking quickly, we assembled the catapult and rested while Aiden slathered himself in the oil for his reconnaissance mission after consuming several of the groups health potions. During this time, both Tahli and Mac blinked out of and into existence. Tahli told us of a strange forest with wax dolls as far as could be seen, Mac told us of a similar forest but instead she saw what she thought was Stor in the distance, but returned before she could make contact. This had to be some form of trick from the coven, there was no other explanation for it. I also went over to the defeated ettin and flipped it onto its back. Examining it until I realized that I had seen the very same one on my trip up to the Phantom Peak, where I had first met a hag and where Caeladyn received her curse. I hoped that our quest today would not meet a similar fate.

After an hour Aiden appeared before us, winded and with several more puncture marks in his shirt. While on his mission, he gathered much information about the secret entrance and of a trap that lay there in the form of a fish person but before he could gather much more information, Sally Skinner jumped into the same realm as Aiden. The two fought but both broke off before one could slay the other. Aiden says she ran in fear but regardless of what actually happened he was bloodied and bruised and needed rest.

Now, under the protection of a Tiny Hut that Gil brought into existence, we tried for Brunch and Aiden healed himself. Over ale we discussed a new plan. With the advent of the catapult and an army of unseen servants brought forth by Gil and myself, we would use that to lay a continuous barrage on the keep. Under the cover of this barrage, we would sneak into the moat, I disguised as Jetsam, and Aiden disguised as if he was caught in my net. We would convince the fish person that I was Jetsam and that the rest of the party was getting away on the river and he was needed to pursue. Upon leaving the tunnel he would be jumped by the rest of the group and we would make our way in. It was the best we could think of considering the situation and we set the plan in motion. Leaving our orders to hold fire for 10 minutes to the servants we made our way to the tree line under the cover of Merpip’s Pass Without a Trace.

Mac and I practiced my Jetsam voice while Gil granted us all the ability to breath underwater. Then we waited. Silence filled the air for several minutes until with a dozen thuds and the smashing of clay the first volley hit the keep, along with our first fungal bomb, courtesy of Caeladyn as a gift for the hags. The demons watching the walls ducked and we made our way into the river unseen. Aiden and I made our way into the tunnel and were quickly met with the creature.

I do not know what came over me, perhaps my voice cracked? Perhaps I was made nervous by this narrow confine? Whatever it was, even through the use of magical means my deception was met with a harpoon in my chest. It tried to reel me in but I planted my feet into the ground and hexed the creature to weaken it. The sound of combat filled the tunnel behind me as Aiden swam around the cut the rope connecting the harpoon to the creature. I was free.
Suddenly the tunnel behind me was filled with an eerie silence. Over my shoulder I could see Brennus fighting with bullywugs but there was no sound. In my quick glance they seemed deformed in some way. I couldn’t help them, as Aiden currently stood valiantly before the merrow and needed my help. Together we fought against him, though unarmed his teeth and claws were still sharp. Behind him gathered 2 more of the deformed bullywugs but they couldn’t get around the large torso of the merrow.

The rest of the group filed into the tunnel, single file, as Aiden killed the merrow. Leaving us with the bullywugs, one standing strong before us, the other peculiarly slinking back. In the blink of an eye the rear one dropped its deception and revealed itself to be Jetsam. A spell coalesced in her claws but was cut off through a well-placed counterspell by Gil. Seeing Jetsam, my heart filled with rage as I transferred my hex and unleashed a torrent of eldritch blasts into her. Seeing the overwhelming group coming towards her she backed away into the dungeon, leaving with her an opened vial. Thinking nothing of it we kept up the attack but at the bottles location Aiden became stuck. The water there was filled with some form of magics and pulled him away. We gave chase and freed him, Gil through his cleverness, changed the color of the water elemental against the surrounding water, allowing us to defeat it with ease. Unfortunately, that, along with the harassment of the bullywugs behind us gave Jetsam enough time to make her escape upstairs.

This was it, this was our final chance, we had no means of escape but if we could defeat Jetsam, the coven will fall. We prepared ourselves and together, following Aiden mounted on Gil’s phantasmal steed we charged upstairs. Aiden was out of sight before I made it to the top, but I saw Mac face to face with Sally in the room before us. I fired at the purple flesh of the hag and dove into another room for cover. The room though, was covered in symbols of a dark nature, their very presence brought memories flooding back to me. I stared blankly at them but stole myself and returned to the fray, my friends needed my help.

Making my way out the door, I saw Merpip and Brennus in the courtyard with Annie and her troupe of ogres. Firing into Annie I got out of the way to make room for them to fall back inside the building. Turning about, the door where Mac and Sally Skinner were had sealed itself but no noise came from the room beyond. I should’ve tried to help her, but in the door to the chapel I saw the sinister smile of Jetsam. My emotions got the better of me, Tahli and I gave chase but the hag had already disappeared into the next room, with her cursed fungus guarding the door.

This is when things got blurry to me. Where I made a terrible mistake. In my periphery I saw 2 redcaps going after Tahli, what was left of her skeletons trying to protect her. All I could think of though was Jetsam, my hatred towards her and her kind. How much she’s tried to hurt me and my friends. It had to stop. She had to be stopped. That’s when I saw it. A ripple in our realm, faint as it was, but it was there. With no other thought I snapped my fingers and it tore open. The chapel filled with darkness and screams as our reality opened up. Even from a distance you could hear the beasts slithering, eternally hungry for whatever nightmare world they had come from that had clearly been picked clean by them.

Everything after that is spotty for me. The redcaps charged out and attacked Tahli. Annie tried to attack us through the window but was bested by magic curtains. Brennus ran in to protect us while I fed Tahli a health potion. Sally came from the eldritch darkness and tried to stop us. A rumble came from the distance, before Aiden appeared in the chapel by our side.

Then everything froze. The castle shook with a dark energy. Sally screamed obscenities towards Jetsam. Annie fled with her followers. It was at that moment, I knew, Jetsam lays dead in that darkness. Sally slowly turned her head towards me and said.

“You will pay for your crimes.”

Before she vanished to what I can only imagine to be one of the hells.

The last redcap vanished from existence and I closed the rip in reality. There laid Jetsam. Her body mangled and ruined. Much like how I saw my own people that fateful day. What have I done? At what cost is our victory? What abomination have I fed?

Merpip’s watch is going to be over soon. I should go volunteer for the next watch, I won’t be sleeping much anyway, I might as well let the others get some more sleep.

Open Hooks:
- Sally Skinner and Annie still live in their respective realms.
- There was an extremely large cauldron of poison needed for an unknown purpose.
- During the ransacking of the keep we found a young girl trapped that only spoke Sylvan, where did she come from?
- The keep must be prepared for the arrival of the Hobgoblins.
- Aiden made a deal with some form of demon and unleashed it into the country side.

Baybridge Area Exploration Log
Journal Excerpts From Khangar and Captain Ron

Khangar Amboss’s Journal Entry Baybride Expedition Day 1:

I saw a job post for an exploration mission sponsored by the cartographer’s guild. The mission statement was to explore the area around Baybridge. Having newly arrived to Mariner’s landing with little coin I decide to take the job.

I met the exploration party near the edge of the Blighted Forest. Mac Woodfleet was the Cartographer’s guild representative. We were joined by Captain Ron, an interesting bard who washed up on these strange Drochtredia shores. A captain without a crew. Our last member was a strange round creature, named Finrick. He claimed to be a gnome. Now in all honesty, I come from a very small secluded clan, but Finrick was rather more portly than any gnomish description I had heard before.

Finrick had a propensity for pastries, he was distraught that he hadn’t brought any. He wanted to return to town and get some before we set off! Luckily Mac had traveled with Finrick before. Mac used some strange form of magic to make a stale old crust of bread look like a close approximation of a fresh pastry. Finrick ate this and seemed satisfied. Finally we were off.

Our first stop was at Farmer Ed’s. Ed was a quiet man of few words. I got the feeling he was overwhelmed by the four people on his property. He gave short clipped answers to Finrick’s questions about the surrounding ruins. While Finrick and I were admiring the ruins, Mac convinced Ed to watch Fluffy, his ram. Ron commented on how fine the Rams were and Ed started to relax. By the end of the conversation Ed was even making jokes…something about my mother having a beard. I decided to let it slide. We continued on our way and left Ed and Fluffy behind us.

The first few days were easy going. Captain Ron surprised us all, including himself, at how good of a forager he was. He caught two large porcupines. I showed the group how to pack the porcupines’ back in mud and then bake them in the fire. The quills released from the meat easily after be backed into a brick. In the morning we each recovered a hand full of quills from the mud bricks.

The following day we encountered the bay and another cross roads. Captain Ron pulled a haul from the sea. Various shelfish: Crawfish, shrimp, and crabs. That night we camped near the road. I treated the group to a Clan Amboss crawfish creek boil.

The next morning we discussed which path to take. Mac told us of a land of fog and ghouls that lie to the south and a city of fish people that lie to the north. I had always thought ghouls were a tall tale used for scaring children into doing their chores. I was skeptical but stayed optimistic as we packed up camp and headed towards the land of the ghouls.

As the sun began to set, we came to a thick wall of fog. Mac informed us that this was the boundary of the ghoul kingdom. Mac, Finrick, and I set up camp while Captain Ron foraged. He returned with a small doe. I studded the meat with some wild garlic and roasted it over a spit. After dinner we turned in for the night and took turns keeping watch. During Ron’s watch he saw a shadowy figure in the distance. He quietly alerted the rest of us. Finrick noisily dove into a bush that was two sizes too small for him. But in that commotion Captain Ron and I were able to hide. The figure inched closer and a stray breeze lifted his cloak slightly revealing the decayed flesh of a sickly pale arm…I now believe in ghouls.

The ghoul threw its head back and bellowed out a blood curdling command. Just then a small black dragon swooped down behind Mac and I, it exhaled it’s black putrid breath on us. It felt as if my lungs were decaying from the inside. Before we could mount a counter attack it reared its head and unleashed another volley of fetid air. My head went light and I lost consciousness.

The next thing I remembered was Ron yelling at me to play dead. He had used his magic to revive me. I still felt like shit, so playing dead was not hard to do.

The dragon flew off towards Finrick and Ron. The ghoul summoned some kind of ghostly weapon behind Mac and attacked. Mac went out cold. I had had enough of lying down. I summoned my inner reserves, took a deep breath and ran towards the ghoul throwing one of my axes. With my ax lodged in its shoulder, the ghoul started to retreat.

I heard shrieks of the dragon behind me but I didn’t have time to check on Finrick and Ron. I raced to Mac, rummaged through his pack, and force fed him a healing potion.

We heard a victorious shout come from behind us as Ron and Finrick downed the dragon.

With the dragon defeated, the ghoul hastened its retreat. But it was no match for Mac’s magic and my axes. Mac landed the final blow with a magical blast that turned the ghoul’s head into mist.

We looted the dragon corpse and found a control collar around it’s neck. Collectively we skinned 4lbs of scales from the dragon’s hide. These were small scales, too small for crafting armor but someone back in Mariner’s landing may pay a pretty penny for them.

The ghoul corpse had a Ruby necklace that must have allowed it to command the dragon. We also found some small change and a carrier pigeon note written in their ghoulish language. We agreed that translating the note should be our 1st task once we return to Mariner’s Landing.

(scrawled in the margin- Note was translated to: “Keep an eye on the west. Watch for the Mariners. Keep them off the main obelisk.”)

As we were finishing our search of the corpse, Mac spotted another shadowy figure fade into the wall of fog. We quickly packed up and moved a couple hours further from ghoul territory. We camped through the rest of the night, unmolested.

Through the next few days, we returned to the crossroads at the bay. Captain Ron’s foraging luck had started to wane. He caught some small game but it wasn’t enough for us to subsist on and we had to start dipping into our rations.

Captain Ron’s Journal:

Captain’s log: Expedition Day 6
Since I’m the newest member of the group, I volunteered to forage AGAIN. Today when I went out, it was the first time there wasn’t some fresh road kill less than 2 minutes from camp so I actually had to find something this time. My luck is starting to run out.

We started to travel NW along the coast, which I didn’t mind. I’m more comfortable near the sea. After a few days of travel we finally found some ruined buildings. Our attention was drawn to a Chapel with some broken wooden doors. In the chapel was what looked to be an Elven made pedestal in the center of a bowl. We examined the bowl for what seemed like hours. I could tell Finrick was getting hungry and I was worried they were going to ask me to go forage for food again.

We ended up throwing everything but the dwarf in the bowl to see what would happen. After we added dirt, water, blood, a porcupine quill, and lit it on fire we started to examine the mixture. It appeared to age everything it touched, including Mac’s hand, the glass bottle and even a stone bowl. Clearly the bowl in the chapel was enchanted. There were some Celestial markings on the pedestal that Mac copied onto a piece of paper, then we made our way out of the Chapel.

When we exited, Khangar, unprompted, told us that he believed that the ruins were 400-500 years old. I’m pretty sure he was just making that up, but I was still impressed. Khangar and Finrick then scoped out the water and found that the ruins were underwater as well.

We then traveled NE on the road and continued following it after it bent east.

On the 12th day we came to a new intersection (well it was new to me anyway). Mac pointed out that the Sahuagin were farther East. He’d never been NW, and since this was a map making mission that’s where we went, towards the mountains.

Captain’s Log: Expedition Day 14
There’s less and less food to be found, and Finrick is giving me the evil eye everytime I come back empty handed.

Captain’s Log: Expedition Day 15
HOLY CRAP THERE IS NOTHING TO FORAGE HERE! I’m too ashamed to make eye contact with anyone.

On the 18th day we approached a cliff pass. And then our day went from hungry to nearly deadly. Looking down on us were 3 harpies. They immediately started to sing their enchanting song. Lucky for us these harpies were tone deaf. Seriously, these 3 couldn’t charm a toad. I glanced at Mac during the “song”, and he glanced back with an eye roll. We drew our weapons and attacked.

My first action was to conjure my vicious wit to mock their terrible hymn. The harpy whom heard my retort was visibly shaken (clearly this was the first time he was informed that he couldn’t sing). We each got a few hits on the harpies, however, it appears that the joke was ultimately on me because the Harpy reached back and clubbed me over the head, knocking me unconscious.

When I came to, Finrick was celebrating his multiple kills. Clearly he was hangry and taking out his frustration on the Harpies.

Later that day we reached the summit of the mountain. About 40 miles away we saw the beginnings of a desert that stretched as far as we could see. We all savored in the moment. It was one of those accomplishments that you wish you could capture, and share with everyone you’ve ever met to prove to them how much better you are than them. If only there was a way to do that…

Neature Walk
It was pretty neat

As I wrote last time, I went into New Blainsport – about a week ago now – I left a note on the notice board for anyone interested in an exploratory mission around the Emerald Wood. I do not think anywhere near you. I suppose if it had been there would not be a reason for this letter. The day I posted arrived and I met with the fellow adventurers next to the notice board at dusk.

There were three dwarves, an elf, and myself on this journey. Daedrick who I spoke of last time, Goran, Khangar, and Immerial who I also wrote about last time. As we departed south, (that wall I told you of is getting much bigger!) we discussed the land we were traveling through and the adventurers that occurred before the other four in the group arrived on the continent. While discussing the great bulls, someone postulated that perhaps the land is so swampy from the giant bull tracks. What a novel idea!

The wolf is growing nicely, he is not able to speak very much yet, but sometimes he understands and follows my advice, so that is certainly an improvement.

As we walked the land slowly shifted from marshy hills into a much flatter land. The Emerald Wood sort of appeared after cresting a small rise, the inviting dark stretching to the Southeast and Northwest as far as the eye can see. We camped for the day in the shade of the woods.

In the middle of the night our meditation was interrupted by Daedrick shouting some odd dwarven words and dashing off into the forest after some fey creature. After quickly packing up at the druid’s suggestion, we followed his yelling into the darkness. As it turns out he was chasing a quickling, very odd. Seems they don’t have the “Quaint Quiet Quickling” tale wherever this dwarf grew up. We coaxed him into coming back with us. The wolf helped us find our way back to the camp beautifully. We marching into the day as it began to storm until the dwarves got very tired.

Daedrick caught a fish by talking to it and then grabbing it. Apalling. We continued South Southeast and the forest began to turn more southward.

The next day we marched on until we found a large sinkhole, 24ft wide, 40-60ft deep. The day was very quiet other than the faint noise from the sinkhole.

The next night we began to climb into the hole but we were surprised by some eyeless creatures about to climb out. They seemed equally surprised when we jumped into the hole and delicately landed on the bottom of the hole. We were greeted by a great many Grimlocks and a few Basilisks. We carefully dispatched the foes and realized that we didn’t tie a rope off at the top. Daedrick volunteered to fly out and at the top was met with some pointy spears and an offer to help us out. We accepted.

We were met by centaurs of the Heard of the Crescent Moon. They gave us some beautiful daggers and a sum of gold for clearing out the sinkhole and we asked them some questions. They told us of a large group of armed men who were indiscriminately killing as they traveled. They also told us that in a month or two the great bull would be heading this way. There used to be many more bulls but they traveled north one year and only a few returned. They also told us that there is a place called the Sapphire city which used to be the capital of the continent, but it is now the possible grave of many ascendant elves. Apparently it is on the water. The violent humans can be found much further across the King’s river, after finding an abandoned camp. Further south the forest is patrolled by the Heard of the Approaching Dawn. Other near the Moon King’s land it is patrolled by hags. It was a very scattered conversation.

For the next few nights we traveled along the edge of the woods uneventfully.

Several days later we ran across a small abandoned village with an impeccable statue of a gnome riding a lion with the inscription reading “Ningle the Lionheart”. There are a lot of cats living there and they are VERY protective of Ningle. The cats decided to send an emissary to see if New Blainsport is a place to live for all of the cats. They sent Prince Moonrake with us. From there we followed more South even a little West. The hooves continued South.

The terrain got gentler, into fine grazing land. We happened across a circle of standing stones. In the center there was an altar with a symbol which we identified as a symbol of Realtra.

Daedrick stood on the altar and demanded a challenge, when none presented itself, he cut his hand with his moon blade causing some magical mist to descend around us and a goblin creature to appear and attack him. We stood by and offered support as Daedrick defeated the goblin-thing. It disappeared and a starry entity appeared and told the raging barbarian something, thought I was too far away to hear what he said. We left and headed back towards New Blainsport. On the way I couldn’t help but notice that not all of the hoof prints were from the one great bull. There were different sizes seemingly in a small heard running in the same direction.

I am still residing in the cave the half drow we defeted lived in. It is less gory now, though I have a long way to go before it is fully a home. Hopefully I will be able to tell you more about those rumors of other drow in a cave soon, I am very excited to meet them.

Ever your faithful servant -

The Wandering Room(s)
And Rising Elf Church

Report After Action
Many Day of Arodus

4: Supreme Land Commander Quinston

From: Optio Adiiranc

Mission: Escort to Wandering Room Non Military Peoples

Alistra Adiiranc
Derg Stonesmasher

Optio Adiiranc, Military Advise, Elf Most Preferred and Noble

Caeladayn, confirmed Druid, Elf who hides behind trees

Merpip, Leader Expedition and Trader, Gnome

Azoth, probable Warlock, Lizard like

Derg, maybe Wizard, here after Dwarf 1

Events Notable:
Departed Landing of Mariners 3.0 days food on West/Northwest road. Stopped at Quarry, name unknown, ownership unknown but claimed part by Dwarf 1. Garrison discipline poor; reprimand guards gate. Cart alarm alerted presence Dwarf 2; clearly intoxicated. Dwarf 2 talked missing Dwarf 3 in cave under Quarry. Confirmed Dwarf 3 important to Quarry leader, human, name Quailboar. Crunch down march all day in caves. See light brick in dark big cave room.

Tentacle Rock A grab and bite Dwarf 1
Tentacle Rock B grab and bite Azoth
Missiles, wasps, and fire destroy 2 tentacle rocks
Wounded Azoth, Merpip, Caeladyn, Dwarf 1
Killed 4 Caeladyn wasps.

Resumed cave travel morning.
Dwarf 1 lost down door slide trap. Attempt find lost Dwarf 1 and 3 in cave (note inability of dwarfs to travel cave safely). Discover beautiful ornate room of Elvish architecture and Dwarf 1. Dwarf 1 enter door containing Elf church.

Dwarf 3 attack all with red eyes
Orb of crystal attack Dwarf 1 with black energy force
Dwarf 1 attack all with red eyes
Bears, missiles, and fire destroy Dwarf 1 and 3
Azoth bravely scream at orb causing cracks and end of black light
Wounded Azoth, Caeladyn
Killed Merpip, 2 Caeladyn bears, Dwarf 1, and 3
Revived Merpip, Dwarf 1, and 3.

Discover papers of Cleric Rising Elf named Greely forced to steal souls by kobolds; could not find Greely, Rising Elf, in orb ruins. Kobolds left last words, gold, and few items magic. Items claimed party. Removed Dwarf 3 at Quarry
with Dwarf 2.

Travel North/North West for find moving room with books.

4 bandits on road attack
Destroy 2 bandits with missiles
Warned 2 bandits to change life

Found moving room of books; traveled plane of ethereal; found another room of books and statue of Skath, possible Fiend; one book Elf heretic thoughts.

Went to field of sand in room; mountains to far East long 1.4 to 2.1 day march; waited 7 days time stifling heat for room back ethereal; dug sand for nothing.
Returned plane of matter; no books left rooms; did not see Stor Lingo, Succubus, or Spider; Begin travel to Landing of Mariners.

Caeladyn save wine cart and driver, George.

Found changed mind bandits at Quarry assigned to Gate Guard; taught salute way of Empire.

Merpip open bee vomit trade route with Quarry Inn.

Return Landing of Mariners.


Enemies in deep caves under Quarry kill miners any day
Unauthorized live stock in Port of Blain; no further details
Explore field of sand possible with ethereal room
Unexplained self teleport during mission 3 occasions
Merpip and Dwarf 1 seem ill of mind


Volunteer train Quarry garrison
Horse, saddle, military grade
Enchanted ink and paper


Alistra Adiiranc, Optio, Landing of Mariners

Finding Dodverg? Not even close. But Mirrors!

Valen, Gerald, Mordecai, Mr. Highpeak, and myself (Derg Stonesmasher, man of magic and axe) adventured back into the winding and well-made tunnels around Bruckschloss. This time, we were accompanied by the fine dwarves from some of the most well-known houses in the long-forgotten empire. They still had minds of fog and would occasionally doze off, but each was as vital a member as the party as myself. We had Hrothgar Ironhaus, a kind gentleman with the most musical sense of any dwarf I’ve met (which will be important to our adventure, as I’ll explain later). Voice like an elf, clapped hands like a goliath. Dank Kindlegrim always had a mushroom or two in his pocket, if I needed a quick snack. Mürrisch Kindlegrim could always point north. We never confirmed that he was correct, but I have no reason to doubt. Schläfrig Gearbuckle and Urist Botmurdur had the uncanny ability to doze off at exactly the same time. I could identify no arcane reason for this, so I have deduced they are probably soulmates. Arzt Drakesoot was actually able to get a solid hit off on a foe during combat. A fine shot! “Knuckles” Dodric beat me in arm-wrestling. That’s a feat the bards should sing of. Bor Drakesoot told the best campfire story I’ve ever heard. Or at least the best start to a campfire story. He kept dozing off and having to start over, but the anticipation kept me on the edge of my seat. Dieter Ironhaus was always the last to bed and the first one up in the morning. This may have had to do with his incredible amount of day-dozing, but I have to admire his commitment to the team. Gernot Kindlegrim and Otto Gearbuckle let me explain the finer points of the mending cantrip to them. Despite their pre-existing conditions, they dozed off less during my lectures than Mordecai. Little Rutger Ironhaus sure tried his hardest. Luckily Big Rutger Kindlegrim always had his back. Funnily enough, Little Rutger probably has 40 pounds on Big Rutger. Or maybe it’s the other way around. I always got them mixed up. Ulrich Brassforge sharpened my axe better than any blacksmith in Mariner’s Landing. Willi Dodric told the best jokes. They were alarmingly racist towards elves, but I’m sure even little Gil would have had a laugh or two. Hans Denthelm may not have been the quickest on his feet, but he did every task with a smile that would warm a hag’s heart. And last, but certainly not least, Jurgen “Gaptooth” Kindlegrim had the most adorable whistle when he said my last name.

Our small scouting party headed west from Bruckschloss. The dwarves wanted to swing by their former clan’s homes to assess the damage, see what was left, and try to find anything that would spark their memory. We decided to start by going by the home of the Gearbuckle.

After one day of travel, we arrived in a large, open chasm with a mighty stone bridge. As we traversed the bridge, we noticed large gorges in the walls. Upon inspection, I deciphered that this was a likely a former mithril mine, that has long since been tapped out. At the end of the bridge we spotted a small company of grimlocks. We had no ill-will toward them, but they were looking particularly cannibally and not prone to speak the finer languages. Mr. Highpeak came up with a plan that let the blind grimlocks know that we were both friendly dwarves and plentiful in numbers. We chanted a traditional dwarven tune; our claps and our stomps and our collective beautiful voices either scared the grimlocks off or led to them going away to master their own tunes to compete against our newly formed band. I guess there is a third option, which is to retreat temporarily and come back in greater numbers to attempt to slay us. That actually seems very similar to what they ended up doing, so maybe that is a realistic option.

They ambushed us on a narrow bridge, with an overhanging cliff. Through the quick action of the party and about one hundred dwarves, the grimlocks were dispatched or pushed back faster than I could climb a small cliff. We quickly pushed on before any more could arrive.

We eventually came upon a fascinating factory, indicated as Mirrormelt Workshop. On the outskirts we found mithril mines and large piles of ore and coal. Inside we found certain death and some really awesome magic things!

There was a large golem that could have easily squashed our heads one by one. Luckily he was charged with keeping the factory intact, which means it should be easy to re-start, and much of the goodies inside were unperturbed by butts such as the grimlocks.

We finagled our way around the golem by creating a large line of ear-whispers involving the many dwarves. We chained them from a side entrance to where the party proper was breaching the main entrance. As the golem continued it rounds to the opposite end, we would press deeper into the main building. As he rotated back, we would flee with our tails between our legs until he left.

We quickly found a singular necklace that seemed to promote safety when in the proximity of the golem. As our party’s least stealthy and slowest member, I donned this amulet of safety. I cast invisibility on wizard-in-training Mordecai so he could watch my back and began exploring. I found exactly what I had been looking for. There was a room with powerful dwarven magic. It appears that this factory was to make intricate mithril mirrors and then to enchant them with a variety of effects. I identified many types of magic in the various enchantment circles. I found a book that detailed the enchantments uses. It varied from simple vanity-related enchantments to divination and planar travel.

There was a mysterious door in this enchantment room, with a powerful and complex riddle guarding its passage. I naturally solved in within seconds and gained entry to the secret vault. Within there we a few more of the safety-necklaces, a powerful mace, some mithril bars, and an amazing, spectacular, grand-prize mirror that allows for travel to the elemental plane of earth. It will surely be the death of me, but until then I shall discover just so many magical secrets.

While I was plundering the magical secrets of Mirrormelt Workshop, the rest of my party was having a bit of an issue with some unexpected defenders. I was not present for this battle, but I will give a recollection based on my understanding of the capabilities of Valen, Gerald, Mordecai, and Mr. Highpeak:

Four heroes and a couple dozen dwarves were investigating the main foundry of Mirrormelt Workshop. They had pieced together most of the functions of the various machinery but were perplexed by a large furnace with no apparent location for fuel. As they inspected closer, a roar like the fire of a thousand suns exploded forth. Over eighty tiny, fire creatures spat forth from a hidden gate from the elemental plane of fire, encircling the party. Identifying the danger, Gerald yelled to the mass of dwarves, “Fly you fools! I shall protect your rear!”. He flipped his weapon over and swept the wooden butt across a wide arc of these small fire demons. This provided just the opening for the many dwarves to run to safety. Gerald followed behind the dwarves, positioning in such a way that not a single demon could reach the dwarves without experiencing the cold edge of his blade.

The heroes did not take this opportunity to run. Valen saw the opportunity for subterfuge and turned to the mass of fire demons. “Ha, you fools! You have left your realm undefended!” he bellowed. He feigned a dash towards the portal to the elemental plane of fire. Despite my studies showing it is very unlikely the fiends spoke uncommon, they all dashed towards Valen. Little did they know, this was his plan all along. He turned and unleashed a holy light so bright that all had to overt their eyes. Even myself, several hallways and closed doors away, thumbing through a book, had to blink a few times before resuming my studies. Dozens of tiny screams were emitted as all of the creatures evaporated in a radiant blaze.

This victory was short lived, as seconds later a massive fire elemental exploded from the elemental plane. “We have to seal the gate!” Mr. Highpeak yelled. He sprinted and grabbed a large melting pot. With barely a strain he wrenched it from its bolts and hurled it onto the open portal. A perfect fit.

He grabbed large chains from the machinery and tore them down as Valen and Gerald kept the fire elemental busy. After securing the melting pot with one of the chains, he showed his textbook bravery and leaped off of the elevated platform, grabbing a hold of this creature made entirely of flames. As the fires slowly roasted Mr. Highpeak, he pulled the chains tight around the elemental. “Gerald! Finish him!”

Before anyone could react, the elemental opened his maw, and a torrent of whirling fire poured out toward not only Valen and Gerald, but the whole congregation of dwarves right outside. Thinking quickly, Valen held up his holy symbol, and emitted a radiant shield. “The light of Pelor shines brighter than any elemental flame!” he yelled into the face of this 30-foot tall column of fire. No fires could push past the holy boundary he created and just enough time was spared that all the dwarves could make it out without a single singe mark.

Gerald smiled and whispered under his breath, “got you right where I want you, fire boy,” as he lifted his halberd and leaped into the air. Reaching just to the eye level of the beast, he brought the blade down with a holy fury. A trail of radiant energy followed the halberd as it seemed to pierce straight to the core of the fire elemental. With a single divine smite, the elemental dissipated into a small pile of embers.

Unfortunately, this commotion had drawn the attention of the powerful golem stalking the halls. Luckily Mordecai was keeping an eye on the golem, and knew he was the only line of defense between the golem and about 30 smooshed dwarf heads. With gazelle like speed, he ran right between the legs of the golem and took hold of its neck. “You will not smoosh my friends!” he growled in Terran, which I assume all monks know.

Despite the huge size and obvious strength, the golem could not break Mordecai’s one handed grapple. Unfortunately the golem decided that if he could not get to other intruders, Mordecai’s face would be the one to be smooshed. He put his huge stone palms on either side of Mordecai’s head. The pressure built, and there was no change for escape. The golem lifted Mordecai three feet in the air, grasping his head like a particularly juicy watermelon. Just as the tension was becoming too much, Mordecai thought back to his schooling. He remembered a spell that was exactly what he needed now. What was it called? Misty step! He remembered it required only verbal components, so his hideous dismissal of his component pouch and all arcane focuses would not stop him from casting it. But how did it work? His vision darkened. If only he had paid more attention in school…

But then a flash of memory. He remembered traversing the Grey Hills with his best friend Derg. As usual, him and Derg decided to take last watch, so as the sun rose they could go over some of the finer points of the spells that Derg planned on using that day. Although Mordecai turned his back on wizardry, these moments with Derg, where he could exercise his mind and talk of the magic that was once held so close to his heart, were some of his favorite times while adventuring. That morning, as the sun rose and the mists rolled in, Derg quietly spoke of how one must speak their arcane word for misty step in such a way that the words become the mist that becomes you. A strong start, that trails off as you push your being into a cloud of fast moving mist. Like a very wet sneeze.

With this memory aching in his smooshing head, Mordecai’s eyes flared open. “Norkai Rivrumm!” he yelled, as his body faded to a cool mist, and appeared thirty feet away from the golem. He used his monk reflexes to jump to the ceiling and recede into the shadows. He had bought just enough time for the rest of the party to escape the foundry. He had kept his head. And he had found his heart.

I think that’s how most of that went. I was very busy with my studies, and they did not talk about it too much when I made my way out a few hours later. Ooo! Sometime during all of this I found out about a dwarf named Scobbern Kindlegrim. He was the dwarf I had previously seen on some fancy carvings. I had previously named him the Two Chains dwarf, but I am glad to know his name. Apparently, he wielded two large fiery chains to kill giant worms under the mountain. This is now pretty much the only thing I care about. Bones Mc-K had spoken vaguely of this dwarf and I already thought it was pretty much the best thing. My main goal in Drochtredia is to uncover ancient dwarven magic that has been lost to time. This looks like a promising clue in that direction. We must get to the Kindlegrim Clan’s homestead!

After this we brought back what we found to Bruckschloss. Two of the dwarves stayed behind to see if they could get the plant up and running again. We probably will need more of those necklaces. Once we explore further we shall make a better map!

Thanks for reading.

A Midsummer Night's Adventure

Aiden Montyouc
William Hill
Tahli Karan

My dearest sister Lyra, I hope my words reach you and bring your heart joy. I miss my homeland, I miss you, and I find myself missing our older brother Valcrius, I hope all is well in Trevaria and I hope you are performing your duties well enough to please the summer queen.

I am writing you to tell you of a most excellent adventure we have just gone on in a place I imagine you would be quite fond of. I have been exploring a strange land known as Drochtredia but perhaps strangest of all is a place known as the emerald woods.

A druid friend by the name of William Hill organized a delegation to go meet with an archfey known as the mad moon King. Remembering what you used to tell me about Titania I jumped at this opportunity. Also in the party was Lexa, a human sorceress whose magic is so fast it appears invisible and casting so skilled she needs not to speak to do so. The necromancer Tahli, you two would get along. And the Brewer Merpip, land owner. We departed from the city of New Blainsport, that’s the one I told you about in our last letter, and traveled along the river west for two days. Along the way we began to sense strange things but merpip is quite the tracker and before too long we had come across a contact of theirs known as McGrogan

He looked quite nervous but after a few questions and a few gallons of ale he informed us of the moon King’s presence. As we approached I tried to use my magical powers to sense his strength but found my mind’s eye blinded by his power only to learn that was while he slept. He awoke and after some small talk he informed us who was allowed to speak and not speak. He allowed us to introduce ourselves and seemed to know a great deal about our true identities much to the dismay of Lexa and myself. One more thing he seemed to make it very clear he knew you sister, he says hi and I’m not asking any questions.

After mulling over our offer of friendship he offered us a quest. Place the glass scroll on the mirror of the queen of air and darkness mirror, or die. We chose the mirror and like that he launched us through moonlit shafts of light and into the strangest place i’ve ever seen. A place known as the Faewild.

We trekked for what seemed like days surrounded by an unnatural twilight. Eventually we decided to make camp but in the night a few of my compatriots discovered glimmering portals to other realms the fae inhabit. We came across portals to places hot, cold, wet, and dry but no true realm of darkness and after sometime we reached out to Mcgrogan who encouraged us to head south and look for a portal there. We finally found one that took us to a realm of trees, tallest I have ever seen, connected to one another by long branches and vines. We were so high up that the ground disappeared into a dark abyss. We roped off to each other with Lexa and myself taking point and Billy, who turned into a giant frog, merpip, and tahli taking up the rear. Leaping from tree top to tree top we trekked along, though some of us who I will not name needed a little help, until we reached our last tree prior to the portal. Lexa and myself made it fine so I headed over to see if the portal was safe when I heard what I had assumed was tahli screaming only to discover that merpip had not been able to hold on and was now dangling above the darkness. This became more complicated when red eyes began illuminating the darkness and saw in merpip their next meal. We sprang to action quickly with Billy, tahli, and Lexa pulling him up and myself casting and illusion of him to distract whatever it was and with that we charged through the portal.

On the other side we were back in the twilight forest and soon found ourselves engaged with some devilish little fae called redcaps. We dispatched them quickly without too much fuss but I am part of tahli as she did reanimate one and now it follows us around. Mark my words, that woman will be the death of me.

Growing ever frustrated I called out to the Queen herself. “You majesty, Queen of air and darkness, I humbly request an audience with you and ask for directions to wherever the hell you are!” Much to the groups surprise a small voice called out from the woods. “Take you to the queen, I will” said the frog wearing a small hat who later identified himself as “frog with small hat”. He lead us on a strange path through the forest till we came upon a treat with a very small portal. The frog leapt through but this hole was barely big enough for merpip much less the rest of us. Billy spoke with the tree and after some time and a fight against some pixies the tree let us through.

We found ourselves in a dark dream like world bouncing on clouds till we came to a clearing. The frog informed us the hope required faith and would take us where we truly wished to go. I suppressed my longing to return home to the crimson peaks and the moonspire citadel and instead thought of only one thing. “I must accomplish this mission or I will never see home again.” The others must have done the same because we all ended up in more or less the same location, surrounded by darkness although Tahli did look a little shook up and wouldn’t tell us why. We all looked around trying to figure out where we were, lexa lit a torch so we could see only for us to see many faces surrounding us. We sprang into battle formation but upon closer inspection I realized these beings surrounding us were Drow. Remembering what you always told me about these elves I used my best negotiation ability and when we invoked the name of the Queen of Night and Magic their demeanor changed. I told them we were on a mission from the Moon King himself and they proceeded to lead us to their village where we met Malund the Voice of the queen.

He informed us that the Moon king and queen of darkness and magic were once lovers but a long time ago this relationship soured. It’s quite tragic really, reminds me a bit of our mother and father. I pleaded with him to take us to the queen and after convincing him of our altruism he agreed to take us to her castle but first we decided to spend the evening with the Drow. Merpip played them music, Tahli made clouds, and I traded with a few enterprising elves. The next morning the Voice took us through a large portal and led us to the Queen’s castle which was located on a dark plateau under a sea of stars. The voice bid us farewell and we made our way to the castle.
It was jet black and after a few moments inspecting the door it opened, we entered the main chamber and found a throne of darkness with little shadows swimming around it. We found several doors, most were closed. The first open door we found took us down a long hallway were we encountered nothing but destroyed murals of the moon and the moon king. Moving back to the main chamber we tried on of the other doors and found ourselves in a large room surrounded by armor and weapons. Sensing danger I threw a small trinket into the center of the room and like a bolt of lightning the armor struck the point in the room. We avoided the trap by going around but as we were heading to the next room I used my abilities to create a small hand that tried to grasp one of the swords only for the hand to unravvel in front of me. Realizing this also was a trap I was shocked to see merpip reaching for a bow but alas it was too late. As he grabbed it from the wall the floor of the room began to unravel. Though we all made it to safety we found ourselves on seperate sides of the chasm.

I chided merpip and lexa then established contact with Tahli and Billy. We all decided to continue exploring and try to find a way to meet back up. After a little searching we found ourselves on opposite sides of an unexplored room and once lexa removed the flowers and vines from the door we were able to gain entry to a magnificent ballroom, Tahli and Billy must’ve figured it out as they soon did the same and joined us. THe Ballroom was magnificent, or at least it used to be. As we marveled at the gilded structure our eyes set upon the far side of the room where we saw a large dark crystal similar to one Tahli had earlier. She attempted to send one of her undead friends to examine it and he was instantly struck down by some magic. We decided that whatever was leading us around this palace did not want us getting any closer to this object so we turned back to the room with the unraveled floor and proceeded to jump across to the last room where we found the Queen’s chambers.

I snuck in right after Lexa and while she wandered around the room I leapt up and placed the glass scroll onto the Queen’s mirror. It unfurled majestically to reveal a mirror similar to the ones in Portsgaurd during the Festival of Armesia that makes you look short and fat with the magically inscribed words at the top “Wow honey, you have really packed on some pounds”. As I stood there awestruck a cold chill ran down my spine and a voice whispered to me “Who are you and why are you here”. My worst fears were realized, not only had this not been a letter of reconciliation to make matters worse the Fae Queen was now standing behind me.

A few choice words later she understood that the Moon King had sent us and soon forgave our transgressions, or so I thought! She insisted we follow her to her ballroom and seeing no other option we did. Once there she was adamant that Tahlin needed to hand over the crystal but tahli being ever the stubborn one resisted. It was then Tahli found herself overcome, the queen collapsed, and we realize that within this crystal was an Elf. As Tahli inched closer to the crystal we began doing everything possible to destroy the crystal but it was useless. Merpip went over to where the queen collapsed and began slapping her trying to break the concentration and as she came to and realized what was happening all she could muster was “Stop, you mustn’t”.

Like slow motion Tahli placed the last piece into the giant crystal and it shattered, releasing the elf within. He moved erratically and kept asking for “THE CODEX”. When we told him we didn’t know what he was talking about he released a cloud of noxious gas. Thankfully, many of us managed to stay on our feet and we let loose into him our blades but it was not enough and he teleported away. The queen sensing his intentions blessed us with her magic and we gave chase. We discovered him wreaking havoc in the drow city and springed into action.

I stepped forward, masking myself in magic, appearing as one of his fellow ascendent elves to provide a distraction for the others so they could get closer and surprise the mage. As I drew closer I called out to him but he saw through my disguise, so I did what and Trevarian would do when caught, I shot him with a crossbow. In an instant as if by magic or divine provocation my allies struck like summer lightning. We quickly had him surrounded. He put up a hard fight and was not going down easily but thankfully Mcgroggan appeared and aided us in our time of need. Just then as we were starting to get the upper hand the sorcerer’s hands began to glow with a green hue, we paid it little mind but mcgrogan’s demeanor changed and a look of concern came over his face. As we were in the process of dealing the final death blow the mad elf released his charging spell and like a flash Mcgroggan leapt in front of the blast and disintegrated in front of our eyes. In our rage we felled the cruel mage and like that the fight was over. I searched the elf’s body and found a strange amulet, hopefully it will aid in finding answers. We then helped where we could around the village while billy gathered the ashes of his friend. The queen appeared and half-thanked us for the pyrrhic victory but strongly suggested we leave as she opened a portal. We agreed and when we stepped through we were back in the presence of the Mad Moon King himself.

He immediately broke into laughter asking what was the look on her face when we placed the scroll on the mirror. The look of confusion and astonishment on all of our faces quickly soured to anger on my own and without fear or thinking of consequences I broke my silence. “My sister spoke to me of the majesty and power of the Fey but you must excuse my disappointment in you sir, your prank was childish and you didn’t even think about the fact she casts no reflexion but this isn’t surprising given your inaction in your own realm. Just as you have sat Idly by sleeping and being foolish while the blight ravages the Northern forests you too sat idly by while we fought an Ascendant Elf which resulted in the death of your friend Mcgroggan.” The Archfey summoned one of his shadows that blaced its bladed arm to my throat but I did not flinch, I stood there staring into to the eyes of a powerful being and in that moment saw humanity in him for he knew I was right. I continued to explain to him that beings with powers such as his could be a great aid to our world and what I sense is a coming conflict. He acknowledged and since we completed his quest he offered each of us something to aid us and made Billy his new guardian of the forest and placed Mcgroggans hat on his head. I told him we would call upon him in the future and he simply nodded his head.

We returned to New Blainsport that day and just like that, 17 days later, this dream came to an end. I hope this tale entertained you sister and I hope to hear back from you soon.

New Blainsport Exploration
A pastry for your thoughts

Dear Captain Quinston,
I’m writing to report to you on the incident that you asked me to look into. After the trials that Kau and I have been through these past few weeks, I appreciate the chance to ease my way back into the hustle and bustle of our colonies. I can report that the cause of the disappearances and livestock mutilations in Blainsport has been caught and will not be troubling the people any more.

I started in what passes for a tavern in Blainsport. The town is growing quickly, but something could definitely be done to make things more comfortable to the people here. There I met up with several unusual characters that accompanied me on my quest. I made friends with an Imperial investigator high elf named Immeral as his skills would come in handy in our search. We were joined by a slippery gnome named Fenrik Finkleberry the Fifth just before a bombastic dwarf barreled inside. The dwarf, named Daedric, was very loud and very confident in himself. Last to enter the tavern was Erevan, and this caused quite a stir because he is a drow elf. You know as well as I do the tales of horror and cruelty that come from the dark elves so their presence here was at first alarming. He didn’t seem to be causing any problems and said he was from the ‘Queen of Night and Magic’ whoever that is. It seems theres a lot I’ve missed out on while I’ve been away.

I went to ask the bar tender if this was a usual occurrence, and when I turned around Daedric and Erevan were having a face off and half of the building was asleep. I couldn’t leave the two of them unsupervised, I don’t know if the town could have survived that, so I invited them to aid in the investigation.

We first met up with Rodrick who is in charge of the Blainsport guardsmen. Erevan was not the first dark elf in town, another had been there and he had been the first of five people to have disappeared recently, along with the slaughtered sheep. All of us on Drochtredia are outcasts of the empire but it seemed that Favin was an outcast even amongst outcasts due to the nature of his heritage. Rodrick dealt with Erevan’s presence and Daedric’s shouting rather well considering the tension and deserves some reward.

Erevan, Daedric and I then went to gather some much needed supplies while Immeral and Fenrick Finkleberry the Fifth (he was quite insistent about using his full name) searched Favin’s house for clues about his disappearance. They found a series of letters to someone named Accordia and a set of wolf tracks leading from his bedroom and outside the house. We found similar tracks in one of the outer farms where sheep had been slaughtered, but alongside the wolf tracks were holes in the soft earth as wide and deep and a sturdy pole.

I real was able to follow the tracks through the woods to a cave that had signs of multiple wolves living in it. Finrick Finkleberry the Fifth scouted ahead and found the den deserted, but there was a door and a ladder down to a chamber below. A clever series of puzzles and traps awaited us below. I won’t bore you with the details but they were all rigged to do damage if we failed. With the bravery and expertise of all of us we were able to bypass the ingenious traps and reach the laboratory.

Before we could get the chance to thoroughly investigate we were confronted by the dark elf Favin himself. The traps we had passed and all the disappearances had been caused by him. He arrived in the colony some time ago and had faced some harassment from the villagers since. None of them had appreciated his works or his abilities. Recently he had been contacted by the Queen of Death and been told about a cataclysm coming to Drochtredia and that had unleashed him from caring about the rules of society. If the end was coming he wanted to ‘have a little fun.’

With that he launched an assault on us. His prized creation was a mechanical monstrosity made from the body of a mother dire wolf that had 6 metal spider-like legs. It’s armor was strong and difficult to pierce. The fight was close with the two of them harrying us, but Daedric was hitting the metal beast like anvil and Favin fell just after he had summoned the aid of more wolves. Thanks to the quick action of Fenrick Finkleberry the Fifth he was stabilized and now awaits questioning in the New Blainsport cells.

Favin was a monster for what he did and deserved to die, but he had also been treated unfairly by the town. It does not excuse his actions but after seeing how people (including myself) had treated Erevan when he was nothing but naive, curious, and helpful, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Favin.

In his laboratory we found a caged litter of malnourished dire wolf puppies that had been orphaned by Favin and will now have a good home with the rest of us. We also found a homemade enchanting table, which Daedric, Immeral, and I used to enhance some of our items. The table broke after three uses, but I believe that Fenrick Finkleberry the Fifth had a good look at the layout and might be able to assist in recreating one if necessary.

The threat to the people of Blainsport has been stopped but I fear another is on the horizon. If more people are so inspired by the this aspect of Death then others may go mad. It’s more important than ever that we hold tight to each other in this strange land and cast off old prejudices.

Outstanding hooks:
Favin waits in jail for questioning
The Queen if Death is planning a continental cataclysm soon


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