Exile on Drochtrèdia


In this adventure the goal was to respond to a farmers notice of ‘somethings been killin me sheep. help. -ed’. with not much to go on for who or where the farmer is, Mac, Kau, Peren, Gil, and Wengruck began with the hopps farm from the Beer Run Beasts adventure. They directed us towards the mill, where the Mill Keepers wife seemed to be able to see the future and would get confused as to what things had happened already or were still in the future. We stayed the night there, and she pointed us north to find good grazing land for sheep.

We crossed the river and followed the northern bank to the west, the Creeping Wood ominously lurking on the other side. After a day Gil’s owl Saila spotted a pack of gnolls coming our way. Kau used his surfer skills to get safely out of range in the water, and Gil used caltrops to comically devastating effect. That afternoon we found a body of a gnoll who’s chest had been caved in by blunt force trauma. In the evening we spotted Farmer Ed, and he took us to the body of his latest lost sheep farther up the river. All of the killings had happened in the river.

The next morning we got to his flock of sheep, protected by a few dogs and large rams, which had caved in the knolls chest previously. They got so big by eating small amounts of Bullweed in their feed while maturing. While Ed was gone in the night the beast had killed one of his dogs. Never kill the dog. Now we had the kill the thing. The flock was camped out in the ruins of a town, with an old church in it. covered in vines. Inside, the podium would only open when sunlight fell upon it as this was the church of some sun god (not Pelor). there were a few scrolls there. When Wengruck got to close to the vines they latched onto his Staff of the Forest Defender and tried to drag it off. he grabbed it back , but some vine blights and twig blights crossed the bridge to fight us.

We set about making preparations for the fighting the beast at night with wooden stakes, illusions, and surprise. When it got dark, a storm rolled in and the green dragon seen previously with it. It had gotten bigger. It was just about to fall for the trap when for stupid, stupid reasons this bard ran into the open. Its breath weapon killed Mac dead in one hit. It tried to drag her body off, but her friends wouldnt let that happen. When all hope seemed lost, a lightning bolt from Odin came out of nowhere and shocked Mac out the dragons mouth and back to life. After that the dragon barely escaped with its life and we dont expect to see it harassing the farm animals again.

Mac however now owes her life to Odin, to serve him as he see’s fit. Whatever that means.

Open hooks:
The ruined town had a road and a sign, pointing east to the Bay, west across a bridge into the forest
The dragon is not dead yet, but hiding in the woods. Mac is now afraid of dragons.
The Mill Keepers Wife can see the future.
Those who wanted to got a lamb as a reward, to grow into a ram in spring (with proper feeding)

We’d heard there was a farmer Ed,
Who raised his sheep and found some dead
But you don’t really care for livestock, do ya

The gnolls came on, first four then five
A hunting pack, not all alive.
They were hobbled and we beat them, hallelujah

hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah

Our group was strong, there is no doubt.
Mac, Wengruck, Kau, and Peren stout
Gil and his bird composing incantation.

We came upon the ruined town
The farmer there, his dog was down.
And all around were signs of Desolation.

Desolation, Desolation, Desolation, Desolation

The dragon had been here before
He’d killed the flock, would come for more.
We’d faced it once but it fled in vexation

He lit upon the church of sun,
And in the rain the bard did run,
With a fury it reigned down its desolation.

Desolation, Desolation, Desolation, Desolation.

In the poison cloud it all went dark,
The music dies, the fading spark,
No more crowds to cheer her on in adoration.

Then there was a god above,
Odin’s thunderbolt was filled with love,
For the broken bard, she was gasping, Hallelujah.

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.

It’s not a thing you can let go,
Not knowing why your life is owed
And every breath you draw means something to ya.

It’s not a song to warm the night,
It’s not a cry born of a fright,
It’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah.

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, halleluuuuuuujah.

The Hullabaloo

Dracon, Gilvaldellin (Gil), Mac Woodfleet, Peren, Yi Sun-Tso, Goblin

(This is a call and response song. You can find the tune here)

Mac and her crew
sailed across the sea.
to Drochtredia,
land of mystery
Out the southern gate,
past the ocean blue,
thats where they found
The Hullabaloo.

(Chorus) The Hullabloo?
Now what is that?
Its something found
by the singing Mac.
Its big and loud,
and smelly too.
Thats why its called
The Hullabaloo.

Past the wishing well
across the Burning Hills
Goblins and Wargs
are minor ills.
In the WanTing Moore
our Luck came through,
but up ahead,
was the Hullabaloo.


More goblins came.
Tso ran the beasts.
Dracons fire burned,
and the racing ceased.
Tracks 5 foot deep,
and 10 feet through.
Goblins ride with
The Hullabaloo


Mac and Gil went up the hill

Mac and Gil went up the hill
A shadow seen from wing and quill.
Gil went down, Mac went roun’
Explorers out to get their fill.

the night was young, had just begun,
and they were up for having fun.
To their surprise, before their eyes,
Stood the great Swift Giant, grey and dun.

Oh, Mac pulled her fiddle to
And Gill knew just what to do.
It’s not a fight but now a night
of dancing giants through the yew.

Aye diddy aye diddy aye oh oh
aye didy aye diddy ooooh oooh
Aye diddy aye diddy aye oh oh
aye didy aye diddy ooooh oooh

Gill called up from his wrist
magic partners that could twist.
and they danced and pranced and saaaaaang!
then on again to the next refrain

Oh, Mac pulled her fiddle to
And Gill knew just what to do.
It’s not a fight but now a night
of dancing giants through the yew.

Aye diddy aye diddy aye oh oh
aye didy aye diddy ooooh oooh
Aye diddy aye diddy aye oh oh
aye didy aye diddy ooooh oooh

As the morning began to crest,
even the giant needed rest.
And when they found his hold of gold,
A snoring giant cant protest.

Oh, Mac pulled her fiddle to
And Gill knew just what to do.
It’s not a fight but now a night
of dancing giants through the yew.

Aye diddy aye diddy aye oh oh
aye didy aye diddy ooooh oooh

The Eyes in the Woods are Watching

Not long ago I went out into the forest to find the lost wolf Stella. Peren the Stout, Dracon Fireballs, Derg Stonesmasher, Roy Wallace the Crossbow, and I got her, but we were beat up pretty bad in a fight beneath a giant tree and something got away. Someone got away. A Druid out there has his eye out there for us Mariners, and we need to be careful.

Through the walls of mariners landing,
Past the safety oh so serene.
The whispers of a wolf wandering,
A theft from Na’lor, obscene.

The eyes in the woods are watching.
The bats and the birds and the bees.
The blight in the woods is growing.
There’s more to this forest than trees.

West-North-West to the ruins and Greenway,
The forest reclaims its own.
The eyes in the woods are watching.
Twig and panther alike are reborn

The Green Faith are all but forgotten,
The sun god burned them away.
The eyes in the woods are watching,
The blight-master is back today.

The eyes in the woods are watching.
The bats and the birds and the bees.
The blight in the woods is growing.
There’s more to this forest than trees.

The Beer Run Beasts
8/12/2017 adventure

Grizzly’s the name
And grizzled the face
Who sent us on
An adventuring pace

With naught to our name
And hops on the lack
To save the drochtredia brew
stout Kau, Peren, and Mac

Snakes could not stop them,
though tall as an oak,
for Macs eyes were clear
and Kau filled them the smoke.

They could have stopped,
They could have turned back,
But the bravest of heroes
Would rather throw a cold one back.

Into danger they strode
And they walked with such swagger
The mere sense of their mettle
Made the farm vermin scatter

The hops! The hops!
That emerald delight
The beer would be saved
But not without fight.

For with their cries had stretched
Far into the hills,
And awoken the Rat Kings,
The foulest of ills

With a shriek the beasts charged
and the very trees bend
and the rat horde did come
our heroes’ bones to rend.

Mac stood her ground
And with a shuddering roar
‘You cheese brains can’t take us!”
Laid a dozen to floor.

They stabbed and they sang
They clawed and they bled
Till Peren the mighty
split vermin king from head.

battered and bloody
the only ones standing
they packed up the hops
and headed back to the Landing.

They won’t ask for fortune
They won’t ask for a cheer
But for all the gods sake
Just buy them a beer!

The Annals of Drochtredia
A living history of our time on this continent

Here are written the records of our exploration of this strange continent, as recorded by the storytellers of our age.

The Turning of the Blight
How Mariner's Landing secured its future.

I am no minstrel, but someone needed to record what happened, and I cannot find Na'lor at the moment.

A blight was attacking the town, quite physically. Strange creatures that seemed an admixture of plants and animals were throwing themselves at the outer homesteads, even reaching the walls at times. We didn't have quite so many citizens or soldiers with magical talent at that time, but we knew fire could drive the monsters back. For this reason, Rocksalt and the other whalers were given special rights over the gulf's waters and began hauling in whales as quickly as they could. We used their blubber to burn the monsters, flinging it from catapults when they would approach.

In time, Na'lor devised a ritual to weaken the magical flow that was strengthening these creatures, and we assaulted the mountainside. I lost several good men, and got my damned leg broken, but Na'lor got the spell off and we made it home alive. He tells me that the Ley Line running through the mountains was weakened though, at least in that spot. I don't know what that means, really, can't see half the things that elf goes on about.

Anyway, that's what we've been through. Better hands than mine may write the coming records.

-Cpt. Quinston


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