Captain Rombert Lloyd Quinston

Military Governor


Captain Quinston walks with a limp, but still carries on as though he were younger. He can be found making the rounds between the various watch towers along the walls, as well as in the Governor’s keep. He usually wears his officer’s leathers, but keeps his battle armor clean and ready to go in case he has to lead a defense of the wall.

He is a seasoned veteran of the empire, and a stern ruler bent on keeping Mariner’s landing secure, even if he has to lock up a few troublemakers to do it.


He doesn’t talk much about the many campaigns he was part of, but his reputation as a defensive expert has caused many rumors that he fought AGAINST the empire before being defeated. Many think he’s come to Drochtredia to gain some freedom from his superiors, but he displays nothing but unwavering loyalty in the military traditions he keeps.

Captain Rombert Lloyd Quinston

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