Roger "Grizzly" McCorey

Rugged Tavern Keeper


Roger McCorey is called Grizzly for a reason. He is a large, hairy, slightly scary bear of a man. But deep down inside he is a softly. He can almost always be found in his tavern or occasionally looking out at the ocean from the ramparts.


Grizzly was once a well traveled adventurer, but many years ago hung up his sword and opened a tavern with his wife back in the Empire. After she passed, he couldn’t stand to be in the now lonely home they had made together and he decided to take one last grand adventure and traveled across the great ocean.

A voluntary exile on Drochtradia, Grizzly established one of the first taverns on the coast, Driftwood Tavern, a prime spot over looking the port at Mariners’ Landing. A friend to the military, you will often find soldiers and sailors alike frequenting his establishment. As such if things ever get to rowdy, though he may be getting long in the tooth, Grizzly lives up to his name and will not hesitate to break up a brawl.

In his spare time when he isn’t running his tavern, Grizzly can found in his study writing the memoirs of his travels… only slightly embellished of course.

Roger "Grizzly" McCorey

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