Erasmys Fiddgit

Books! Where!?


Erasmus is a young and spry gnome with messy brown hair. You can often find him camped out on one of the tables at Driftwood Tavern surrounded by books and papers, or in his rented apartment above the Cartographer’s Guild Headquarters.


“On the outside we are all constrained by our physical size and limitations. but on the inside…on the inside we are infinitely expandable.”

Erasmys is a fairly young gnome that has dedicated his life to scholarly research Before setting out for Drochtraedia, he was the youngest professor to ever received a position at the prestigious Royal University. Though, his research was primarily on what other scholars thought to be a fairy-tale, the lost continent. Boy, were they sure sour when word came back that Drochtraedia existed.

Erasmys began setting plans to travel immediately, eager to document and research in person. This was what his life’s dream.

Erasmys Fiddgit

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