Former assistant in Stor's Sword Spectacular


Catie, a simple red-haired human, helps with the basic needs of Stor’s Sword Spectacular. Often seen prior to the show cleaning equipment, arranging props, and mending clothing, she is one of few words and often fewer clothes. During the show, she seductively mingles with the crowd encouraging applause, flirting with those of a wealthier disposition, and generally freeing people of their coin. Not being much of a prude, Catie often exchanges a kiss or two for an extra piece of silver which slips into her bosom unreported in the official tally for the evening. What she does on her off days remains a mystery even to the alluring Stor Lingo.

Stor’s Sword Spectacular performs every other Saturnia on the Crestwatch*.

_*Permanently closed


When splitting Stors estate Catie Recieved 148 gp 30 sp and 4 CP , 2 healing potions, a crossbow , 20 bolts, and all of Stors costumes. She also took the shell game and notes from the Ghoul Empire. She never told Alistra why she wanted those.


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