Edrick von Blitz

Daredevil Ship Captain


Captain Blitz has some sort of history with Captain Quinston – they are on a first name basis. Blitz is a reef runner – he has taken several loads of settlers here from the Empire. He has decided to stay in Drochtredia this time, however. Perhaps it’s his own lust for adventure, or perhaps it’s some debt he shares with Quinston.

His ship, the Razorcrest, has a reputation for being a cunningly fast interceptor. It’s sail-powered nature means it lacks the raw power of a galley, but it’s lighter and can run with a fraction of the crew. He also is rumored to have some sort of special connection to his ship that makes it and his crew bend effectively to his veteran will.

Anyone with a taste for seaborne adventure may want to become fast friends with Edrick von Blitz. He is a member of the seafarers guild, and is respectful to Guild Leader ‘Rocksalt’, but their aims generally don’t align. He’s more likely to contract for the cartographers guild mapping islands and coastlines than to lead any shipping, fishing, or naval operations.

Edrick von Blitz

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