Exile on Drochtrèdia

You’re not supposed to believe everything you read or your told, especially when it comes from a bard like me, but i swear that every word of this is true. As true as the tale of The Princess in the Lonely Tower.

Peren, Kau, Aiden, Billy, and I went venturing back to the Bay Bridge, but this time knew well enough to stay left at the fork. The Sahaugin aat the northern city arent a very welcoming folk, but it was good to talk with Gavrosh again. Their war with the ghouls hasnt changed and there’s been little success in rescuing those that Alpha Squad left behind. The Sahaugin want the whole bay to themselves and wont stop until they get it. They may be a problem once that happens, but right now I like knowing that they are giving the ghouls hell.

We didnt stay long in North Baybridge though as we had a mission. We started in from the statue of Bonri and headed off in the direction he pointed, North North-West. For a week we traveled, following that pointing finger towards the broken mountain. It looked like the top section had collapsed in on itself, some cataclysm leaving the peak jutting out of a crater.

As we made our way through the winding switchbacks towards the summit there was a distinct lack of animals nearby. While we were wondering where these large white messes came from, the results were thrust upon us. Three great Perytons descended upon us. I was able to distract one of those stag headed birds temporarily with a treat, but the rest stayed out of range as they attacked. We had to lash out as they dive bombed us, and if they werent slowed down they hit harder than a boulder. Our steeds earned their feed that day though, as we used them for cover and we took the bird beasts down. Aiden used his razor sharp daggers to carve the heart out of the last of them and took it as a trophy.

Just up the mountain slope we found their nests and a clutch of eggs, and more importantly the entrance to a large cave system. The tunnels were large and it looked like several passages had collapsed. Inside one of the tunnels chambers we found a few barrels of long spoiled alcohol that bore a shining star emblem. Another tunnel was filled with a large pool of water. In another tunnel we barely manged to catch ourselves before walking straight into a web of hungry spiders. And in another tunnel we found treasure beyond imagining.

This cavern was enormous and stretched back farther than we could possibly see, And it was filled with piles and hills of golden treasures. Recalling the legend of the Lonely Tower, we realized how much danger we might be in and extinguished our lights and quietly backed away. Aiden was barely able to control himself around all those jewels, but with a little encouragement he was able to limit himself to a few handfulls.

The next morning we explored the last section of the caves and the mountain tunnels opened up to the orange shimmering deserts and a tall white tower shimming in the bright sunlight. There was no discernible entrance to the tower, but with the help of my lute I was able to fly to the top balcony and attach a rope for the rest to climb. On the top floor we were greeted by the ghost of the Princess in the Lonely Tower herself, only it turns out she wasn’t a princess. Solira Orlirin was a political prisoner who long long ago knew the secret schemes of the Order of Ascendant Elves. The Order was seeking true immortality and they pursued their goals at the source of their power, underneath the Capital City to the south. She told us that she was imprisoned to keep her and her conspirators out of the Order’s business, and now this land was cursed from their actions. She could not tell us much about the great dragon Statagh as she had not seen him in many many years. It seems that everything in the legends was true, though it was missing a few bits. For several centuries Solira had lived in this tower and watched the outside world move on. The magic of the tower would mend anything that was inside of it, so all the furniture was permanently pristine. Solira only died when she grew to despondent at her blight that she refused to eat and starved herself to death.

In the basement of the tower we found the backside of a great locked door. Just on the other side we saw a great stone golem standing watch, so we slowly closed the door and headed away. Upon conversing with the ghost we took her body with us from the tower so that we could bury her somewhere cold and green, unlike the desert that had been her surrounding for so long. As we left her spirit faded, hopefully finally at peace. We think that the area near Mariners Landing would make a great burial site, after Professor Fiddget has had a chance to look at her.

Upon leaving we decided to take care of the spiders nest and reduce the horrid smell of the cave whiskey in one move and we made short work of the spiders. Aiden’s curiosity, and the rest of our’s, wasn’t quite so easily sated when it came to the treasure room though, so we sent the rogue back in to take a peak. As quiet as a church mouse he crept through the piles of treasure and grabbed a few of the nicest items in arms reach. Hanging from the ceiling was a small glass orb with a tiny skeletal creature in it that could move with impossible speed. Just as Aiden was getting close to look at the tiny creature the pile of treasure began to rumble. and clatter. and a terrifying beast emerged. Larger than the dragons of legends past and without a scrap of flesh or hide on it, a skeleton began to rise from its slumber with Aiden on its head. That sneaky rogue though flew out of there like a bar of soap in a bath tub and he was beyond those who were waiting before we knew it. We sprinted out of the mountain as waves of gold roiled behind us. The whole mountain was shaking itself apart as we got to our horses and galloped to the trees. We didn’t see the beast from our hiding place, but we heard it come raging around the mountain as it searched for those who had stolen its treasure and its tower prisoner. Those who come next should be well prepared, for now that the dragon has been awoken I doubt he will sleep so deeply again.

Quest hooks:
-Now that we’ve found The Lonely Tower, the legend tells of 7 other locations of ancient Drochtredia that we can explore (N S E W NE NW etc…)

-There is a massive horde of treasure guarded by a skeletal dragon that we left behind

-the pool of water in the cave had an underwater tunnel that lead off in the direction of the tower that could only be accessed with a dragon’s claw (possibly dragonborn).

-The skeleton in the orb is definitely Watchamadingle the quickling.


RocketRolePlay tchristensen

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