Exile on Drochtrèdia

That's a Lot of Magic (The Floating Island)

(Sorry this is so long overdue, I had honestly totally forgotten I was still on task to write it). And I’ve probably forgotten some of what happened so everyone else feel free to chime in and add in/correct me.

The party consisted of Aiden, Tahli, Caedalyn, Gil, and Brennus. The original purpose of the expedition was to epxlore what was west of the mountains, by taking the already discovered pass.

The group began by traveling to the quarry to recuperate and ensure that all was well there. Upon arrival, the group was confused and concerned to see it seemingly abandoned. It turned out, however, that all was well, and that those at the quarry were instead holding a surprise party for young Gil’s birthday. So the group rested at the quarry before continuing.
The journey to the quarry was pretty uneventful. Apparently, there is a custom in the Empire of surprising somebody for a birth celebration. I say surprising a warrior like that is a good way to get a spear in the gut. Was a good time though. Haven’t known too many Elves, but Gil’s a good kid. Really good with his spells, but sure could stand to put on a little muscle.

After resting at the quarry, the group took stock of their options and decided to instead travel to a mysterious floating building of some kind that had been spotted previously but never explored (or read about? I don’t remember the origin). The party headed out, and if I remember correctly, arrived there without too much trouble.
The structure itself was a truly awe-inspiring sight, a large Temple-like structure built on a large floating island over a lake, with a waterfall falling from the center of the island to the water below. The only thing that otherwise stood out in the scene were the remains of a camp and remnants of a large catapult. The best the party could determine was that a group of Ogres had attempted to launch themselves onto the floating island, with little success.

The first step was to get onto the island, but the water in the lake had somehow been either previously poisoned or magically contaminated. With the ever creative use of Gil’s water magic, the party managed to ride up the waterfall and into a sort of magical support/mechanical area of the complex, where the water was filtered, etc.
The party began exploring the grounds of whatever the place was. The outer grounds seemed to be divided into eight sections, like a wheel with spokes. Many strange magical phenomenon occurred. Creatures trapped in crystals (or mirrors?), a one way illusion maze, an overgrown garden, a frozen pond of ice, etc. The party came to the conclusion that each area of the outer grounds was dedicated to a different school of magic. The group then headed inside the actual large structure.
Don’t know what I signed up for on this trip, but it was NOT this. Nothing against magic itself, but this was just weird. I knew there was something off about this place.

The interior of the structure was much more methodical and “normal” than the grounds, all things considered. At first the group had thought it was a temple, but upon exploring the interior, it seemed to be more of an arcane university. However, there were also guards’ quarters and an armory. In these the group found some well-crafted magical weapons. There was also an extensive and impressive library, although the party did not have time to investigate it thoroughly, other than grabbing magical objects.
The party also found a cafeteria type hall that magically stocked food and drink, which was a nice touch. The next part did not go as smoothly. A small corridor led to a sealed door, guarded by two floating skulls. The party attempted to talk to them, but after some discussion the skulls scorched the hall with fireballs. The party eventually defeated them, and entered the sealed room.
This room appeared to be a conference room, and perhaps held the most valuable secret of all. A large stone (crystal?) globe with a map of the major leylines on Drochtredia on it. There was also a logbook containing entries of the types of magic that went through the leylines.
At least the inside of the building made a little more sense. Great hall with magic food and drink of choice? That I can get behind. And the spear I took is an excellent weapon. Been meaning to find something better since the dragon broke the one I brought with me.

The party moved into what must have been the main gathering hall/audience chamber of the place. There was a large seat on a dias with a corpse on it, but it seemed to only be some long dead remains. The party found a small room in the back and managed to open it. It was the safe room of what must have been the headmaster of the school, or something like that.
Through a log book, the party discovered that this was an ancient Elven place, and that disagreements had broken out over the use of magic. (Or was it that a secret faction had been practicing darker stuff that started the fight? Or was it an external enemy? I honestly can’t remember for sure). One rival faction had been expelled, but managed to magically poison the water supply of the school. This sickness caused healing to have the opposite effect, meaning that most of the Elves died off from it, as they could not be healed.
It turned out that undead did indeed haunt this place. Upon exiting, the party was attacked by a wraith, some more dangerous undead (Wights?), and other things. Ultimately, the party proved victorious, although it was a scary encounter, and a few adventurers came dangerously close to becoming undead wraith specters themselves.
Can see why this place sat untouched for so long. Kinda sad, really. Never seen anything like it, but now it’s just a monument of a dead kingdom. They’d have called me the barbarian, but in the end, look at what they did to each other.

After that, there were no significant encounters. (I think) the party decided to leave the large globe for a return trip, but took the logbook. The place could prove to be a valuable stronghold or outpost in the future, if it could be permanently cleared of undead corruption and any other contamination. For now, the party was very happy to have explored it and come out alive.

Also, since no one else claimed it, I think I’m still holding onto the +1 Longsword also. Or at least, I was during the Feywatch mission. I don’t really use swords so I’m totally fine with auctioning it or giving it to someone else, I just think we never decided and forgot about it.


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