Exile on Drochtrèdia

Search for a Ley Intersection

XX Kuthona, MMXVII

Dear Diary,
I have arranged an expedition to seek out the ley intersection I know must exist in the mountains. I plan to follow the tributary I found at the pool of wealth alluring, it is attuned to a magic that seems to resonate well with me. Perhaps I should contemplate what my affinity for illusion magic says about myself as a person, but that will be for another day.

Peren has agreed to accompany me on this expedition, as well as a dwarf named Billy, a gnome named Merpip, and a human named Stor. This should be sufficient for my needs. It will be cold in the mountains, and the expedition will be long. I spent what money I had left on provisions and warmer bedding. Father always said to never do with a spell what I can do with the right tool. Perhaps the climbing equipment I purchased will finally be of some use.

Should this expedition prove a success, the Arcane Consortium has promised MMCCCXLV in gold for such a find, and I think I can leverage this to finally gain membership with the organization. I would be their youngest member, but perhaps people would begin to take me seriously as a wizard.


Dear Diary,
We departed today, the tributary leads north, northwest. There is a forest here, similar to the creeping wood, though the blight does not seem to have taken a complete hold here yet. That might merit some study.


Dear Diary,
Killed a basilisk today. Collected an eye and the contents of the stomach for Duncan. Between this, the bullweed, and the maps, we should turn a profit regardless of the outcome. I have killed a basilisk and fought a dragon twice, yet I am still disregarded despite my obvious talent and high lineage. What does it take to impress these people?


Dear Diary,
Billy, Peren, and Merpip were severely injured by a deer today, a buck judging by the wounds. Why they left without Stor and myself is beyond my knowledge. Tonight has been difficult, this is the second festival of Deep Roots without my parents. It has become a sort of deep hurt now, easy to not show, but I don’t think it will ever leave me. I don’t think I want it to. At least we have venison.


Dear Diary,
We reached dangerously high in the mountains, but the ice and thin air made the climb far too perilous. We turned back to investigate a tunnel we saw earlier. We have made camp for the nig (the text scratches off here in a blotch, as if it was suddenly interrupted)

Addendum: There are displacer beasts in the mountains, they seem to have been affected by the strong illusion magics of the ley line. I will need to contemplate this.


Dear Diary,
The tunnel leads to an impressive roadway. It appears to be an entire complex of dwarven construction, but by all indication now abandoned. I wanted to explore further, but the darkness soon began affecting Stor. We had to leave. Time to return to Mariner’s Landing I suppose.

Plot Hooks:
-Explore the Dwarven Tunnels
-Hunt a Displacer Beast for its Magic Pelt
-Climb the summit when it has thawed to map the ley line
-Explore the less blighted forest


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