Exile on Drochtrèdia

Return to the southern settlement

Gilvaldellin, Mac, Peren, Stor Lingo, and Billy went back to the southern delta with the hope of clearing out the area for a future settlement. On the second morning of the trip we found a gravestone for a ‘Jovash’ with a symbol to Pelor, most likely from Lieutenant Roth’s soldiers. By going in a straight line it only took us two days to reach the village of Bullywugs. Mac did a little recon while invisible. There are maybe 200 Bullywugs in the village, which they call Paddywack. They have a collection of knicknacks that King Glackbrack considers treasure. The town is in ruins, consisting of a waterwheel and rows of houses and a well kept mansion on a hill. The king lives in a shack next to the mansion, and a group of fey creatures live inside. They are keeping everyone out until their master comes back from somewhere South. The bullywugs get mad at the suggestion of leaving, but they have been terrorized by a creature that smells magic called Mr Rickets in a sunken lighthouse in the delta. We got kicked out of town and so went after Mr. Rickets. It was a large lobster like creature (Chuul) which we beat largely by attacking its mind. Several pollywogs attacked us at the same time, but we killed them all so the story is Mr. Rickets killed them. In his lighthouse we found a few magical items but there must have been more left behind that the bullywugs got. Once we brought the body or Mr. Rickets to Paddywack they were much more amenable to us welcomed trade with powerful allies.

I probably made this a bit too long and I’ll try to make further ones shorter or better organized. Comment below if I forgot anything.

remaining hooks:
-The fey master of the mansion is still somewhere to the south west
-trade has opened up with the village of Paddywack
-a new settlement area still needs to be found for the colony


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