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Neature Walk

It was pretty neat

As I wrote last time, I went into New Blainsport – about a week ago now – I left a note on the notice board for anyone interested in an exploratory mission around the Emerald Wood. I do not think anywhere near you. I suppose if it had been there would not be a reason for this letter. The day I posted arrived and I met with the fellow adventurers next to the notice board at dusk.

There were three dwarves, an elf, and myself on this journey. Daedrick who I spoke of last time, Goran, Khangar, and Immerial who I also wrote about last time. As we departed south, (that wall I told you of is getting much bigger!) we discussed the land we were traveling through and the adventurers that occurred before the other four in the group arrived on the continent. While discussing the great bulls, someone postulated that perhaps the land is so swampy from the giant bull tracks. What a novel idea!

The wolf is growing nicely, he is not able to speak very much yet, but sometimes he understands and follows my advice, so that is certainly an improvement.

As we walked the land slowly shifted from marshy hills into a much flatter land. The Emerald Wood sort of appeared after cresting a small rise, the inviting dark stretching to the Southeast and Northwest as far as the eye can see. We camped for the day in the shade of the woods.

In the middle of the night our meditation was interrupted by Daedrick shouting some odd dwarven words and dashing off into the forest after some fey creature. After quickly packing up at the druid’s suggestion, we followed his yelling into the darkness. As it turns out he was chasing a quickling, very odd. Seems they don’t have the “Quaint Quiet Quickling” tale wherever this dwarf grew up. We coaxed him into coming back with us. The wolf helped us find our way back to the camp beautifully. We marching into the day as it began to storm until the dwarves got very tired.

Daedrick caught a fish by talking to it and then grabbing it. Apalling. We continued South Southeast and the forest began to turn more southward.

The next day we marched on until we found a large sinkhole, 24ft wide, 40-60ft deep. The day was very quiet other than the faint noise from the sinkhole.

The next night we began to climb into the hole but we were surprised by some eyeless creatures about to climb out. They seemed equally surprised when we jumped into the hole and delicately landed on the bottom of the hole. We were greeted by a great many Grimlocks and a few Basilisks. We carefully dispatched the foes and realized that we didn’t tie a rope off at the top. Daedrick volunteered to fly out and at the top was met with some pointy spears and an offer to help us out. We accepted.

We were met by centaurs of the Heard of the Crescent Moon. They gave us some beautiful daggers and a sum of gold for clearing out the sinkhole and we asked them some questions. They told us of a large group of armed men who were indiscriminately killing as they traveled. They also told us that in a month or two the great bull would be heading this way. There used to be many more bulls but they traveled north one year and only a few returned. They also told us that there is a place called the Sapphire city which used to be the capital of the continent, but it is now the possible grave of many ascendant elves. Apparently it is on the water. The violent humans can be found much further across the King’s river, after finding an abandoned camp. Further south the forest is patrolled by the Heard of the Approaching Dawn. Other near the Moon King’s land it is patrolled by hags. It was a very scattered conversation.

For the next few nights we traveled along the edge of the woods uneventfully.

Several days later we ran across a small abandoned village with an impeccable statue of a gnome riding a lion with the inscription reading “Ningle the Lionheart”. There are a lot of cats living there and they are VERY protective of Ningle. The cats decided to send an emissary to see if New Blainsport is a place to live for all of the cats. They sent Prince Moonrake with us. From there we followed more South even a little West. The hooves continued South.

The terrain got gentler, into fine grazing land. We happened across a circle of standing stones. In the center there was an altar with a symbol which we identified as a symbol of Realtra.

Daedrick stood on the altar and demanded a challenge, when none presented itself, he cut his hand with his moon blade causing some magical mist to descend around us and a goblin creature to appear and attack him. We stood by and offered support as Daedrick defeated the goblin-thing. It disappeared and a starry entity appeared and told the raging barbarian something, thought I was too far away to hear what he said. We left and headed back towards New Blainsport. On the way I couldn’t help but notice that not all of the hoof prints were from the one great bull. There were different sizes seemingly in a small heard running in the same direction.

I am still residing in the cave the half drow we defeted lived in. It is less gory now, though I have a long way to go before it is fully a home. Hopefully I will be able to tell you more about those rumors of other drow in a cave soon, I am very excited to meet them.

Ever your faithful servant -


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