Exile on Drochtrèdia

Mr. Clappy

To the tune of Mr. Crowley

Mr. Clappy, what is left of your head?
Oh Mr. Clappy, did you think you’d be dead?
You always pursued the magic
Wanting to keep it all
The battle was almost tragic
Yeah, you struggled in a Wizard’s call

Mr. Ricketts, did you think your poison was pure?
Mr. Nasty, we had no hope for rapport
But you collected things sacred
Murdering bullywogs since your birth
Keeping the lighthouse a secret
Everyone scattered before your girth

Mr. Clappy,  Will you succumb to our force?
Mr. Clappy, you picked the wrong course
The actions took were drastic
But they heard the Bards’ call
The stories we’ll tell will be classic
Of the mystical Chuul’s fall

Was it polemically sent
l want to know what you meant
I want to know, I want to know what you meant, yeah


Oh my god. I just got that this is Black Sabath, Mr Crowley. I am so dense. Bravo to you good sir!

Mr. Clappy
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