Exile on Drochtrèdia

In Search of the Master of the House

Log For the Sailing Vessel Skithblathnir
Captain Stor Lingo in Command

Date: 18th of the month Pharast

Departed Mariner’s Landing morning with 10 crew and 4 passengers. Cargo of Crossbow Bolts, Fabric, and construction materials. Destination New Blainsport. Crew standoffish but cooperative.

Passengers Mac Woodfleet, William Hill, Tahli Karan, and Merpip. 1 Raven also on board.

No events worthy of notation. Crew morale good.

Date: 19th of month Pharast

Arrived New Blainsport. Cargo unloaded at destination. Garrison morale poor from harassment by Bullywugs and forest creatures. William Hill dealing with dangerous plant life encroaching area. Mansion remains intact. Crew bedded near docks and ordered to stay in New Blainsport. Note to revisit Bullywug King and enforce agreement.

Sailed to lighthouse with William Hill in tow. For some reason he asked to be keelhauled. Nothing additional located.

Entered Blainsport River heading West. Expecting river to turn South. Mac assisting with navigation of boat. River staying in Westerly/Southwesterly direction.

Encountered odd woods on Southern bank of River. (Later identified as Emerald Forest.)

Keep on Northern Bank spotted too late by Tahli and myself. Successfully executed hard rudder 90 starboard to Southern bank. Took arrow fire from Goblins resulting in severe wounds to Tahli. Formed defensive line on Southern bank and held off fierce attack by Bugbears and Goblins. Tahli unleashed hell itself using stick found in Druid laboratory. Multiple enemy killed or scattered by Mac, Merpip, and William Hill. Captured 1 Bugbear.

Startled by strange forest creature named McGrogen. Very strong and entangles using it’s own hair. Proclaimed himself Guardian of the Emerald Forest. William Hill asked to meet McGrogen’s boss. Meeting in the works for a couple months time. Druid’s are strange. Mac entered into formal agreement with McGrogen to exchange information on the River King in return for removing Bugbear’s, including a deranged Barron Bugbear, from the Keep across river. Informed by McGrogen of a large waterfall upriver. No hope of sailing without bypassing waterfall.

Forest inhabited by Sprites. Merpip very tense. Camped upstream for the remainder of evening.

Date: 20th of month Pharast

Mac developed plan for captured Bugbear to lure out remaining Bugbears from Keep allowing infiltration of vulnerable northern wall. Bugbear prisoner, enchanted and sent into Keep, successfully pulled 8 other Bugbears out and across the river. Merpip led party to Northern wall without detection. Tahli and William Hill fell alerting garrison of our presence.

With surprise lost, Mac flew over Keep to attempt closure of Portcullis thus trapping Bugbears outside of Keep. Mac shot down by Goblins and feared dead. Note effectiveness of Goblin fire against flying creatures.

Fearing Mac dead, rest of party entered Keep and began clearing room by room. Hobgoblin assisted by Goblins detected taking Mac’s body into a prison cell. Fight ensued, heads were lost. Mac revived. Three prisoners in cells, 1 woman, 1 man, 1 hobgoblin.

Portcullis secured after many Goblins defeated. Bugbears returned shortly thereafter, Barron included. Fierce fight resulted in deaths of all Bugbears, additional Goblins and a Hobgoblin. Fascinating that William Hill used bear-shape to crush several Bugbears. Crossbow has performed well since mending by the Wizard, Gil. Note to thank him again.

Two prisoners assisted fight. Woman transformed into a Bugbear and displayed Wizardly powers. Appears to have successfully stolen the Barron’s powerful sword and disappeared via Astral projection according to Tahli. The Hobgoblin fought well and turns out to be an Ambassador of sorts for a Western Empire of Hobgoblins who strangely worship Hullabaloos. Note to explore deeper to the West if we can find way around the waterfall.

Appointment with Ambassador in six months time back at the Keep. Not sure what will come of it.

While questioning the freed prisoners and McGrogen , captured by the Bugbears previous night, the whereabouts of the RiverKing were revealed. He lies 300 miles (12 days march) to the South through the forest. His palace lies on a wide river over 600 miles from a Southern Ocean. Near the Riverking exists another tribe/group of humans who fly under the banner of a green clover, under the rule of a Lady McNeven. Note to explore coastline until mouth of this new river is determined.

Date: 21st of the month Pharast

Keep looted and secured. Overall the fortress is in good condition. Merpip named it “The Feywatch” to which all parties agreed. Placed markers and flag to prevent incursions by unwanted guests. Note location unsuitable for sea based operations but Caption Quinston may find it of use.

Returned New Blainsport to find crew busy with construction duties. Crew all accounted for and more than ready to return to Mariner’s Landing.

Date: 22cnd of the month Pharast

Passengers and crew safely returned to Mariner’s Landing with loot. No casualties. No damage to Skithblathnir.


We found a horse with a saddle marked with the clover symbol way back during the very first attempt to find an area to settle in the south. Dracon has it now


Yes! actually, thats one mystery we solved. One of the captives in the castle was a human from the fey woods across the river. He had lost his horse when he was captured by the bugbears. The poor boy was so scared and could only speak Sylvan, so Tahli had to translate. There’s a large group of them in the woods, humans and elves and others. Lady NcNevan seems to be their leader.


A misplaced note on the ship left by Billy detailed the potential return meeting with Gorlak (the hobgoblin ambassador) to open a possible trade route or alliance with the hobgoblin nation.

In the inn, Billy speaks of the strange creature McGrogen that guards the Emerald forest and the fey-touched civilization ruled by Lady McNevin.

On his nature stroll near Mariner’s Landing, he also wonders about the Mad Moon King who employs McGrogen. Has he bitten off more than he could chew by setting up a meeting, only time will tell.

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