Exile on Drochtrèdia

“Listen up boys and girl, and I’ll tell you the tale of the Misty Ghouls and our brave adventurers Mac, Kaumuali’i, Tso, Peren, and Wengruck. Skirting wide around the forest, for the blight wasnt their enemy today, they headed north to the East road. But whats to the east? you say, but nobody knew. They just had the legend of the Lonely Tower and an unlabeled map to guide them.

For three days they rode into the unknown ‘till the road split. To the left was North Baybridge, to the right South Baybridge and Dorak. Maybe things would have been easier had they gone left, but life never is easy is it. And on that road, they found the pale riders. Tall and proud, riding great horses, the first bit of civilization we’d found on this continent were from the ghoul empire.

Knowing that we represented all of Mariners Landing we let them escort us deep into the ephemeral cloud of the Slavers Mist. Only a scant murmur of light could make it through the mists and at best the sun hung as a pale orb, seemingly always on the horizon. We traveled for days? weeks? it was impossible to keep time or direction in the mist. Our escorts weren’t much for conversation either, and had no need for sleep.

Eventually, a great city emerged from the fog. A remnant of a once greater civilization than the ghouls, now with thousands of people living there. Their commanders weren’t interested in any trade or alliance with Mariners Landing though. They were more interested in their own war, for across the vast Bay Bridge were the ghouls viscous enemy, the Sahaugin. And those thousands of people weren’t there willingly. The ghouls kept them as slaves, to help hold their half of the bridge for the last few centuries.

There were pockets of resistance growing though, and we connected with the Alpha Squad. As soon as we got the chance we took out a few ghouls and made a mad dash from the front lines with the Alpha Squad and a handful of others. I cant say the Sahaugin were friendly, but at least they didnt keep slaves and they had a use for inside information.

They’re using the city across the bridge for the fountains so they’d always be close to water above ground. And right in the middle of that city, we found what we were looking for. A statue of Brave Bonri himself, pointing our way to the west. There’s at least a shine of truth to that tale, and a dragons horde could be waiting just past the tip of those stone fingers. But that’ll be an adventure for another time.

You see, our heroes had to get back to the Landing. With all the whaling we’ve been doing to fight off the blight we’d already attracted their attention. The Sahaugin had been using those whale for their side of the war against the ghouls. They gave a dire warning, to be given to Captain Quinston, that the whaling was to be stopped immediately or else. But now we know there’s a war going on, and there’s only one side to be on. We all came here, through some means or another, for freedom from our own Empire. Slavery will not stand.

(Plot hooks:
the Sahaugin are at war with the Ghouls and their slaves across the bridge.
The statue of Bonri points the way towards the Princesses Tower through the mountains to the west.
No more whaling, so Mariners Landing has a limited amount of oil left)

_Through misty hills to the Baybridge below.
Odin, please watch over the war slaves soul.
Caught ‘tween the waves of Sahaugin folk,
And only the undead waiting at home.

If this is to be our home,
We should all fight together
Secret resistance grows,
Into the night.
South Baybridge blood,
Mixes with foam.
An empire that’s never seen the light.

I see ghouls, inside the shadows.
I see ghouls, enslaving cities.
I see ghouls, hiding in fog.
I see ghouls, an undead disease.
Some day their going to come for me.

Centuries of war, oh it’s never going to end.
These slaves fight on, for the last time.
With Mariners at their side,
Alpha Squad dares to turn the tide,
Their taking freedom for a ride.
This is where our fates collide.

I see ghouls, inside the shadows.
I see ghouls, enslaving cities.
I see ghouls, hiding in fog.
I see ghouls, an undead disease.
Some day their going to come for me. _


RocketRolePlay tchristensen

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