Exile on Drochtrèdia

Eastern Island Exploration

Island Description & Jornal Entry

The Eastern Island: (soon to be named)
Explored and mapped by: Captain Stor Lingo
Kaumuali’i, Lord of the Ocean
Gil, Renowned Wizard
Merpip, Landowner
Tahli, Necromancer

The island is oblong in shape running roughly east-west with a dock and tower on the westernmost shore. The tower is made of a light stone and has a curved window bulging out of it pointing west. We hypothesize, due to the concave roof with a hole in the center, that it is designed to catch and hold rainwater. From the tower a path goes north and south around the edge of the island. The southern path is collapsed at a small bay and is impossible to traverse without a 20 foot bridge. The northern path wraps all the way around the island to join up with the southern one at the gap. In all, the loop is about 3 miles of fairly easy terrain. Behind the tower is a currently dormant volcano with rather sheer sides. The volcano nearly splits the island in two, it’s sides reaching down to the water’s edge. To the east of the volcano are hills decreasing in size from the volcano to the shore where there is a small abandoned settlement we estimate to be more than 100 years old. Besides the tower and dock these are the only buildings on the island. The village is in a small depression which is filled with about 1 foot of water and the few buildings still standing are rotting on stilts raised above the water. The location of this village and it being the only one on the island sparked some discussion among us, and further study may be required to determine why it lies in such an inhospitable area. The area between the village and the volcano is a fairly dense tropical forest full of birds but devoid of spiders and monkeys. The waters surrounding the island are very deep and appear to be infested with some kind of human-fish creatures called not-sahuagin. These creatures are very dangerous and hostile, they can speak common, and some appear as humans. Be cautious when approaching anyone on the island, do not travel alone near the water, and do not leave ships unguarded.


The following in scrawled in abyssal script in Merpip’s leather bound journal


Today Kau, Tahli, Gil, Stor, and I left Mariner’s Landing to head to the eastern island. I haven’t heard much about the island, and I’m looking forward to seeing the new lands. It’s been a while since I sailed with the Captain Stor. He seems more piratey somehow every time I see him.


We arrived at the lighthouse after four days of uneventful travel. No one really told those of us who hadn’t been here anything about the building, so when Gil stopped us on the stairs leading to the door and shouted “fog” and then “water” at the wall I thought he was nuts. The doors opened though, and revealed the interior which had stairs sweeping around the sides of the room leading to a landing with a statue of a dragon holding a trident looking out the large window over the entrance.
Gil warned us if we touched the trident it would come to life and summon seagulls. He made Kau invisible and sent him off to collect the trident. It came to life, didn’t summon seagulls, and we fought it. It nearly killed Kau, Tahli blinded it and blasted it with some kind of dark energy, Stor threw some grease beneath it, and Mac and I nearly died from slipping on the grease and falling off of the balcony. When all was said and done, the ground was the real enemy and the trident was ours.
We then turned to the gems on top of the tower. We decided Kau should have the trident, but that he should have to work for it. He climbed up and pried the precious stones loose and got down safely, helped in no small part by Stor’s inspiring music. This made up for his grease trap mishap from earlier.
Stor went to spend the night on the ship and the rest of us in the tower. We shall take a path Kau found that wraps around the northern side of the mountain tomorrow.


Last night during first watch Stor packed up the ship and sent the crew to stay on land. Apparently some of the lookouts saw some humanoid figures swimming around in the water.
We started north as the sun began to rise and discovered a tropical forest behind the volcano. I found it too hot and humid, but my companions seemed to think it was quite nice. Tahli searched carefully but couldn’t find any spiders, I searched unsuccessfully for monkeys, Kau stared wistfully at the surf, and Gil kept rambling on about his wizard tower while sending his owl to look around. Stor wandered off as we were looking at wildlife and returned after a time with dirt on his hands.
We continued on and Kau spotted some buildings up ahead. I sneaked up and saw two human men playing a game of chance and bantering in common among collapsed houses and rotting wood. I reported back, we made some local plants look purple, and approached the two men.
The one who spoke to us was very friendly but non-committal and asked if we wanted to meet his captain who had stationed them there. We learned his name was Iden and the quiet one was Fritz, and after some concentration masked by Kau getting very lucky at the shell game they were playing, I learned that they were not fey. Stor made an excuse to leave which he and I used to hide just past the treeline to keep watch. Iden began leading everyone else to the waters edge, some spells were cast and suddenly Iden and Fritz’s faces were peeling back and tentacles were sprouting out of them. We fought them, killed one, and the other escaped into the water.
We found two gems on the body of the one we killed, and Tahli prepared the body for travel back to Mariner’s Landing. Kau and I couldn’t find anything of interest in the village, and we continued on the path we were going on before. As we neared the end of our journey we came to an impasse in the trail. A small bay seemed to have eaten away beneath the path and it collapsed leaving a 20 foot gap to the other side. About this time we heard the clashing of swords from up the path and Gil sent his owl to investigate. She returned to report that Stor’s sailors were fighting some creatures.
We lowered ourselves 15 feet into the water where Stor set up his ship and we sailed to help them. Whatever was attacking them fled and we got the crew, the two wounded, the one human dead, and one of the dead creatures aboard the ship. They appear to be like the ones we fought but more fishey and less human.
We left the island and set sail for Mariner’s landing.


As we wrote the description of the island and recounted our adventure, Stor realized that one of the men we fought on the east end of the island looked an awful lot like one of the lost sailors from a ship called the Tear of the Quartz. This is apparently very important to the Seafarer’s Guild.

Eastern Island Exploration

Excerpt from the Log Of Skithblathnir
Captain Stor Lingo in Command

8th of Desnus

After successfully facing a Dragon statue and two fishmen on this Isle, we have experienced a tragedy. Upon returning to the stone dock, Kua alertly heard combat where I left the crew. As we sailed around the coast we spotted the crew fighting monsters from the ocean. Gil launched an arrow which startled these things back into the sea. Two crew were severely wounded and quickly healed but we have suffered our first death. Seamen Derek left this world with a gruesome wound to his neck. No medicine could save him. I suspect he was poisoned. The crew asked to return his body to port as they were unsure if he had a family. Our hearts are heavy. We have named the pier on the Isle Derek’s Dock in memory of our comrade.

Eastern Island Exploration
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